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Link-Belt All-Terrain Crane

Move Mountains with Link-Belt All-Terrain Cranes

The Link-Belt All-Terrain Crane ATC Module delivers ongoing reliability, power and durability. This comes as no surprise when you consider that Link-Belt is the industry-leading specialist in manufacturing mobile crane technology. It has immense power without compromising on agility. This is complemented by a wide array of other fit-for-purpose features that ensure you have the mobility, efficiency and visibility to get the job done correctly and safely.  

Powerfully Adapted to Your Mobile Crane Needs

This range features impressive counterweight flexibility to ensure that heavy loads won’t hold you back. Even a weight capacity of up to 250 tons isn’t a problem thanks to their outstanding engineering and power. Choose between six and seven-section pin and latch booms with a length of 13 to 68 metres and a maximum tip height of 96.1 to 350 metres depending on your project requirements.

Where Convenience Meets Mobile Crane Prestige

A large part of what makes a mobile crane so valuable is its ability to allow drivers and operators to do their jobs precisely. That’s why this range comes complete with a large and wide cab that offers expansive visibility and optional boom attachments.