Konecranes Container Lift Truck

Konecranes’ Container Lift Trucks: Where Efficiency and Power Meet

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty lift trucks, Konecranes offers you the very best Empty and Laden Container Lift Trucks that can manage payloads from 8 to 10 tons empty and 33 to 45 tons laden. Trucks feature the latest technology and offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. Not to mention, the service level interval of the engine, gearbox and hydraulics has been extended to reduce lifetime running and maintenance costs. They’re fitted with premium OPTIMA cabins which drive productivity with a range of smart features. Even more value is realised with low-emission, high-torque engines and maintenance-free brakes.

Empty Container Lift Trucks

Load-sensing hydraulics ensure these trucks with mid-mounted and rear-mounted cabins operate quickly and efficiently while a wide mast allows them to lift 8 containers high. Not to mention, you can enjoy single and double stacking capability and the Electronic Machine Control enables you to monitor your truck through a 7” touchscreen. 

Laden Container Lift Trucks

The single stacking spreader and laden container lift masts empower you with reliable lifting. This truck also boasts the strongest heavy-duty box-type chassis on the market and the wide drive axle and long wheelbase offer brilliant stability.