Link-Belt Rough-Terrain Cranes

When the Going Gets Rough, Get a Link-Belt Rough Terrain Crane

It’s no secret, Link-Belt has established themselves as mobile crane leaders in a variety of fields and for good reason. The Link-Belt Rough-Terrain Crane range further exemplifies the quality engineering that has made them so well known. It comes with the impressive traction needed to navigate challenging terrains and provides the means to lift heavy loads effectively for any application.

The Power and Boom Length to Get It Done

Rough Terrain Cranes engineered off of the back of years of experience make the difference. Not only can you overcome tough terrains, but you can rest assured that you have reliable power thanks to a payload capacity of up to 145 tons. Depending on your needs you can choose models with four, five or six-section booms that range from 10.8 to 59.5 metres in length.

Driving Results with Variety and Height

Across the range you can find full power and pin and latch boom types for your specific application. Not to mention, optional boom attachments and a maximum tip height of 51.2 to 94.8 metres across the range empowers your team with impressive height and reach.