Link-Belt Telescopic Crawler

Conquer Heavy-Duty Loads with Link-Belt Telescopic Crawler Cranes

Link-Belt have established themselves as a respected and global name in the industry thanks to their ongoing commitment to creating top-tier heavy-duty mobile cranes. Link-Belt Telescopic Crawler Cranes are the heavyweights of the mobile crane world and they bring the unbelievable strength and power you need to move the heaviest of loads. Matching their powerful lifting capacity is their hard-wearing durability and reliability.​

The Power and Reach to Make It Happen

This series of heavy-duty crawler cranes features straightforward and reliable hydraulic pilot-operated controls and either a full power or pin and latch boom depending on the model of your choice. Their high capacity across the range of 51 tons to 230 tons, means that even the heaviest of loads can’t hold you back. Not to mention, their four, five, six and seven-section booms offer impressive reach ranging from 10.8 metres to 68 metres.

Geared to Climb Up to the Top

Along with precise control, ongoing reliability and high capacity performance, these cranes offer you a 40% gradeability to rise to the occasion and a variety of track gauges and lengths to meet your specific requirements.