Link-Belt Telescopic Truck Crane

Where Mobility and High-Capacity Cranes Meet: Link-Belt Telescopic Truck Cranes

With years of experience in creating high-quality mobile cranes, Link-Belt is still delivering innovation that pushes what is possible. Their range of Telescopic Truck Cranes features incredible counterweight flexibility, large and powerful engines, high transmissions and hydro-gas suspension.

High-Capacity Crane Power on Wheels

The ability to move an efficient and powerful crane across great distances is invaluable. These Telescopic Truck Cranes prove that thanks to their high weight capacities of 36.2 to 100 tons. This power is complemented by their lengthy four, five and six-section booms that vary in length between 10.8 and 50 metres. Additionally, the maximum tip length of these cranes varies from 50.9 to 79.9 metres long. 

Something for Everyone

No two jobs are the same. That’s why it's important to find a truck crane that has the right lengths and extensions. Don’t worry, this range has you covered. Long-reaching booms ensure that operators have what they need to effectively complete projects. Furthermore, optional boom attachments such as extensions and two and three-piece offsettable flies ensure that business owners can find a Link-Belt Telescopic Crane that best suits their needs and projects.