Terberg Yard Tractor

Drive Trailer Moving Efficiency – the Terberg Yard Tractor

Terberg is known for crafting tractors that are designed for specialised applications. Their integration capability with diesel, electric and hydrogen drivelines makes them dynamic and their low fuel consumption offers fantastic cost savings. An array of features offer comfort for drivers and productivity for businesses to reach their bottom line.

Getting the Job Done with Effortless Efficiency

A galvanised chassis with a robust drawbar empowers the handling of high loads of up to 36 tons for years to come and a new controller with multiple dynamic outputs, Terberg Electronic Architecture and future-first software updates help move trailers seamlessly and smartly. Easily accessible parts ensure updating and maintaining your Yard Tractor is a breeze. Furthermore, a large fuel capacity enables drivers to get more done before having to fill up.​

Ergonomic Comfort and Driver Safety

Even long shifts can’t hold drivers back thanks to an exceptionally comfortable cabin that features copious amounts of space, a demister and heater and plenty of storage. The well-placed fingertip console and ergonomic steps make daily operations feel natural while interior air filters, a fifth wheel height sensor, a hydraulic system and improved visibility create a safe working environment.