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Welcome to UniCape's Marine Cranes page, where innovation and precision meet the rigours of the maritime industry. Our Marine Cranes are purpose-built to navigate the demanding safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the maritime world. With decades of global experience in crane manufacturing, we bring technical expertise, innovation and high-quality products to your maritime operations. UniCape, a trusted name in the industry, is your partner for elevating efficiency and safety on the water.

Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes

UniCape's Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes provide space-saving solutions without sacrificing lifting capacity. These cranes are versatile and ideal for operations in confined spaces. Their articulated knuckle booms offer enhanced reach and manoeuvrability, making them suitable for tasks such as cargo handling, equipment deployment and subsea operations. Whether you're looking to optimise deck space or need precise lifting in tight quarters, our Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes deliver efficiency and reliability.


Stiff Boom Cranes

UniCape's Stiff Boom Cranes are the workhorses of maritime lifting, offering exceptional lifting capacity and control. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, these cranes excel in operations that require precision, stability and strength. Whether you're involved in offshore construction, vessel deployment or moving large and heavy loads, our Stiff Boom Cranes provide the reliability and efficiency needed to tackle the challenges of the sea.​​


Knuckle Boom Cranes

UniCape's Knuckle Boom Cranes offer versatility and precision in maritime lifting. Featuring articulated booms, these cranes provide enhanced reach and flexibility, making them ideal for cargo handling, subsea operations and complex manoeuvres. Knuckle Boom Cranes are adaptable and excel in scenarios where precision and versatility are key, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.


Telescopic Boom Cranes

UniCape's Telescopic Boom Cranes are designed to expand your lifting capabilities on the water. With telescoping booms, these cranes offer impressive reach and lifting capacity, making them suitable for offshore logistics, subsea construction and specialised tasks. Telescopic Boom Cranes provide adaptability and precision, empowering maritime operations to reach new heights.


Travelling Cranes

UniCape's Travelling Cranes offer precise control and manoeuvrability in confined spaces. These cranes are ideal for cargo organisation within vessel holds or on offshore platforms. Designed to navigate complex maritime environments with ease, Travelling Cranes ensure efficient and safe lifting operations in tight quarters.


Fixed Boom Cranes

UniCape's Fixed Boom Cranes provide stability and control for a wide range of maritime lifting needs. These cranes are designed to handle various tasks, from cargo handling to equipment deployment. Whether you require a crane for vessel maintenance or offshore operations, Fixed Boom Cranes offer the reliability and efficiency necessary for success on the water. UniCape's Marine Cranes are purpose-built to meet the unique demands of the maritime industry, offering precise control, reliability and efficiency in various maritime operations. Whether it's heavy-duty lifting, cargo handling or specialised tasks, UniCape has the crane solution to elevate your maritime operations.


Ready to enhance your maritime operations with precision and reliability? Contact 600SA today to discuss your specific maritime lifting requirements and discover how UniCape can elevate your efficiency and safety on the water.