New Equipment

The 600SA division specialises in the assembling and selling of refuse compactors,Industrial Power batteries,and CT Power Forklifts.With Unicape specialising in marine cranes, truck mounted cranes,dock levellers and warehouse doors.


ORAKÇI - Refuse compactors designed to operate in the domestic waste collection sector throughout Africa​.

CT POWER - Cost-e­ffective and technologically advanced counterbalance forklifts, as well as associated warehouse equipment.

UNICAPE - Supplier of Palfinger Marine and truck mounted cranes as well as Stab-a-Load high performance warehouse doors and dock levellers.

Global leader of innovative cranes and lifting solutions.

INDUSTRIAL POWER – Efficient and reliable Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers designed for Heavy-duty applications​.

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High-performance lift and door solutions.