The fast-paced movement to automation and greener equipment within wholesale warehouses and retail supermarkets has led to a greater demand and reliance on electricity. This move to electronic equipment has improved safety, sustainability, and productivity across the board. However, the continued threat of load-shedding means wholesale managers struggle to overcome occasional productivity halts as unexpected electricity outages render most electronics useless.

3 ways 600SA is improving safety and productivity during load-shedding

CT Power, manufactured by Global Power Co. Ltd and a member of the Toyota Industries Group, has accrued over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing material handling equipment for warehouses and supermarkets. Its range of trusted electronic material handling equipment balances performance and costs providing you with high-quality equipment such as electric material handling equipment such as forklifts, sit-down reach, stacker and pallet trucks.

Achieving impressive performance and quality with lower operating costs with CT Power Electric material handling equipment

CT Power has consistently delivered innovative, quality, affordable electric material handling equipment for warehouses and retail supermarkets. CT Power offers long-term value by placing its focus on customer-centric innovations and designing dependable and practical equipment.

CT Power electric forklifts and warehouse material handling equipment have proven their impressive performance and reliability. From its modern and compact design to its impressively lower operating costs this range of material handling equipment is innovated to provide optimal convenience and cost efficiency.

Above all CT Power’s electric forklifts are designed to ensure minimal downtime maximising your wholesaler’s or retail productivity without compromising the safety or comfort of your operators or machinery.

Innovative forklift warning lights improves safety

The latest innovations from CT Power are their blue and red forklift warning lights. Being the first brand to make both blue and red safety lights a standard feature on their electric forklifts has put the CT Power forklift at the forefront of the material handling industry’s safety-oriented brands.

The red side safety lights create a one-meter perimeter on the warehouse floor around the forklift allowing employees to see the forklift from any angle. Additionally, the blue warning lights project two metres behind the forklift while it reverses to ensure an early warning for employees behind the forklift.

The Blue and Red forklift safety lights act as an early warning system to employees on all sides of the forklift thereby decreasing the occurrence of forklift accidents. Improving safety within the warehouse which increases productivity, and efficiency while saving your business exponentially on employee injury settlements.

Why Lithium-ion batteries?

A huge part of the challenges presented by load-shedding to electric forklift owners is charging your forklift batteries. With standard lead acid batteries, charging can take up to 16 hours including cool down time, whereas our Lithium-ion batteries have a charging time under 2 hours with no cooling period.

This makes investing in our forklift Lithium-ion batteries the perfect solution for load-shedding battery concerns. The lack of cool-down requirements means you can take advantage of opportunity charging. And with fast charging plugging in the battery for just 30 minutes will give you a 50% charge which should keep you productive long after the 2.5 hours load-shedding period.

These are just some of the ways 600SA is providing quality, reliable and practical forklift solutions to support our customers in navigating load-shedding challenges. To find more about our electric material handling equipment or forklift battery solutions contact our representative today.

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