600SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a well-established industrial and material handling equipment supplier providing a range of lifting and loading equipment across a wide range of industries, including material handling and waste management. Our customers attest to our world-class quality equipment from distinguished brands to after-market support including product technical expertise, forklift training, workshops and customer support services. 600SA continues to evolve to become your trusted industrial equipment and material handling solutions provider.

Over the years, our customers’ top 5 products and services picks are:

600SA Top 5: Customer Product and Services Picks

  1. Forklifts

Forklifts are essential to most of our customers’ business operations and processes. We import and distribute forklifts from the most reliable, high-performing brands with world-class quality offerings. Our most popular forklift brand is CT Power Forklifts, manufactured by Global Power Co. Ltd these forklifts with their customer-centric design and affordable price are at the top of our sales list. We offer a range of second-hand forklifts for sale or hire via our TUF Forklift’s division.

CT Power Forklifts

CT Power forklifts have relied on their development strengths, commitment to innovation, and customer insight to adapt and innovate ambitious, dependable, and affordable forklifts. CT Power diesel and electric forklifts are both CE and ISO 9001 certified and provide customers with long-term value through practical feature innovations such as its blue and red forklift safety features. To find out more about why our customers love the CT Power Forklift range read our review here.

  1. Pallet Truck

Another material handling essential, especially for the wholesale and warehouse environment, is pallet trucks. Electric Pallet Trucks are popular with our customers due to their lower emissions and environment-friendly significantly improving warehouse safety and sustainability figures. A customer favourite is the ETU Electric Pallet Truck, which is perfect for narrow aisles and fast-moving warehouses.

ETU Electric Pallet Truck

The ETU Electric Pallet Truck is an exhibition of the customer-centric innovation CT Power and 30+ years of innovative development experience. From its high price-performance ratio to its ergonomic design the ETU Electric Pallet Truck series is built with optimisation, safety, and comfort in mind. Through their engineering and technological advancements, CT Power has produced a range of Electric Pallet trucks that balance performance, and lifetime cost. Browse our range of ETU Electric Pallet Trucks here.

  1. Forklift Batteries

At 600SA we are proud of our forklift battery solutions. From our lithium and lead-acid batteries, and service that covers battery station testing.

Lithium ion Forklift Batteries

Our Lithium-ion Forklift Batteries have been a customer favourite as their long-lasting charge allows for fast opportunity charging and multiple shift operations on a single charge. These convenient Lithium-ion batteries are optimal for forklift trucks and warehouse equipment with high productivity demands as they don’t require a cool-down period and can charge from 0% to 100% in less than 2 hours ensuring longer operation time. Find out more about our Lithium ion forklift battery here.

  1. Forklift Training

600SA, and as part of CFAO Equipment SA offers forklift training via our Forklift Training Academy which is an accredited forklift training facility offering comprehensive training courses. Accredited and certified national trainers and curriculum developers in all major regions in South Africa ensure high-quality training standards in our training facilities.

Our forklift training academy offers training for novice trainees and refresher training for certified operators, as well as providing soft and technical skills, product training, certificates, and trade qualifications.

Find out more about our training academy here.

  1. Waste Compactor

Finally, our customers have expressed a growing interest in waste compactors. The importance of sustainable waste disposal has been a concern for all green companies and our customers are no different. With our range of waste compactors, waste management becomes significantly more efficient.


Orakci Makina is a global designer and manufacturer of truck-mounted waste collection and special service equipment with about 20 years of experience. Their equipment is developed with customer needs in mind putting safety, durability, and performance at the centre of their designs. The ORV series of waste compactors from Orakci is designed for the South African environment. From its corrosion-resistant steel body to its steel tailgate ensuring safe crew transportation between stops these competent waste compactors are designed with safety and performance in mind. Browse our ORV waste compactor here.

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

As an established material handling equipment supplier with a range of products and services, these are only a few of our high-quality products and services as per our customer’s feedback. Browse our website to view our products and services, and to find out more about our top products and services contact 600SA today!

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