Crane Trucks for Sale to Meet Light- to Heavy-Duty Lift and Load Requirements

If you are looking for light-, medium-, or heavy-duty crane trucks for sale, our brand stands out for quality and excellence. With our company established back in 1968, we have been part of the South African lifting equipment industry for over 50 years. Our business includes the importing, manufacturing, and distribution of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty lifting and loading equipment for the forestry, recycling, and general construction industries.

Here, we briefly look at some of the Fassi cranes for sale to provide a glimpse of how we can help streamline your lifting and loading operations in South Africa.

Light-Duty Lift and Load Equipment for Sale

With a growing demand for knuckle boom cranes with a lift capacity of 1-12 t/m, we offer the Fassi light-weight cranes for mounting on trucks. Several types are for sale to meet industry demands. The quality of these machines is undisputed. Exceptional detail and robust structures set these light-weight cranes apart, making it possible to use them on 3,5TM trucks. An example in this category is the F110-A active light-duty cranes for sale.

These machines boast a lifting capacity of up to 11,20 t/m, maximum outreach of up to 16,50 m, and 390 degrees rotation with rack and pinion. A characteristic of each in this category is the cast iron base and lower column section that reduces stress distribution while improving resistance.

With no welds, the risk of sections breaking off is significantly reduced. This also improves the durability of the crane. The boom guide comes with extension boom guide shoes, enabling a high sliding degree while requiring a lower level of greasing. The equipment is fitted with a plastic tank that has superb shock resistance. With the tank being plastic, it is also not vulnerable to corrosion. The centralised lubrication system of the base makes maintenance access easier.

Medium-Duty Lift and Load Equipment for Sale

The medium capacity knuckle boom cranes, suitable for operations of 13 t/m and more, boast superb performance. The versatility in the setting up of the lift equipment makes it possible to fit the equipment onto two and three axle trucks. Sophisticated technology is used in terms of the mechanical parts, hydraulic components, and the electronics to ensure ease of operation, reliability, and maximum functionality.

The F335A e-dynamic is an example of the quality and functionality you can expect from the Fassi brand. The crane has a lifting capacity of up to 31,7 t/m and maximum outreach of up to 26,70 m. The base with the lower part of the column is made from cast steel for optimal stress distribution. This also improves resistance. Once again, no welding of the components helps to improve the durability of the equipment. The boom guide is fitted with guide shoes. The tank is made from plastic, eliminating the risk of tank damage due to corrosion. The equipment comes with a centralised lubrication system for easier maintenance while the hydraulically extending outriggers make extra wide execution possible.

Heavy-Duty Lift and Load Equipment for Sale

The equipment in this category has superb lift capacity. Special materials are used, including high elasticity steels for the required level of resistance and weight bearing capacity. The Fassi brand is known for innovativeness in design to promote optimal performance. These units can be used with the heavy-duty trucks for maximum load and lift applications.

An example of heavy-duty equipment to be used with appropriate size trucks is the F385A e-dynamic. It has a lifting capacity of up to 37,55 t/m and maximum outreach of up to 28,65 m.

View our range of crane trucks for sale and give us a call to help you choose the best one for your particular operational requirements. For a range of forklifts for sale, consider our CT Power Forklifts or visit our managing group company, EIE Group for a range of used forklifts for sale.