Given the financial turmoil of 2020, businesses in the material handling and industrial equipment sectors need equipment solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership and allow for maximum productivity and operational efficiency while offering assurance of quality and longevity.

According to Brent Hean, CFAO Equipment SA, previously known as EIE Group, Acting Chief Operations Officer, it is for this reason that CFAO Equipment’s 600SA division restructured its business model to include the distribution, rental, maintenance, and sale of pre-owned quality material handling equipment from renowned global manufacturers.

“As a business of the EIE Group, 600SA aligns itself with best-in-class brands, evidenced by our exclusive product offerings from multiple world-class manufacturers,” he adds. “The retail segment is forecasted to lead the overall forklift truck market between 2021 and 2026. With China being the fastest-growing region, thanks to a favourable economic environment and a drive for technological advancements, 600SA decided to partner with CT Power, a material handling equipment manufacturer with over 30 years experience. “

Registered as GLOBAL POWER CO. LTD and headquartered in Taiwan, CT Power is one of the largest forklift manufacturers globally, and one of the few forklift manufacturers in China to self-design, obtain patents and manufacture its own forklift transmissions. Focusing on technology and sophisticated craftsmanship, CT Power strives to produce reliable and practical materials handling equipment that provides customers with quality and reliability without putting them out of pocket. In efforts to expand our African footprint, CT Power products are also available throughout the Sub-Sharan Africa regions.

600SA, a business division of CFAO Equipment, believes that for South African warehousing and logistics business to maximise productivity and profitability, innovative solutions and a customer-first approach are needed.

CT Power retains all development and manufacturing processes in-house. This allows the company to offer customers assurance of its performance, reliability and technical advantages over competitors.

“CT Power products have proven their worth, so much so that GLOBAL POWER has attained both CE and ISO 9001 certifications, producing more than 25 000 units annually,” Sonia Pretorius, Sales Manager 600SA. “The manufacturer’s most recent innovations are its new generation electric counterbalance machines, which are more aesthetically pleasing, thanks to a modern and more compact design than its predecessor, making it easier to operate between warehouse racks.”

With safety being paramount for all 600SA-associated products, safety parameter lights are a standard feature of all electrical units offered by the business. This greatly enhances safer operating procedures on-site, allowing warehouse workers to see the equipment from every angle.

With companies experiencing significant operational efficiencies after implementing sustainable practices, 600SA is committed to going green and is currently exploring solar charging stations for the electric forklift market among other initiatives.

600SA is synonymous with placing the needs of the customer first. It conducts an in-depth analysis of each customer’s business needs before suggesting a suitable solution. By considering the fixed, variable, and disruptive costs, 600SA can offer cost-saving solutions based on facts to ensure operational efficiency and greater productivity.

“We are not in the market to merely supply customers with equipment solutions that they have implemented in their operations before. We ensure all operating costs and procedures are accounted for before suggesting the right solution to ease their operational burden and increase their profitability,” concludes Pretorius.

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