How the Truck-Mounted Aerial Platform Improves Working at Height Operations

Working at height holds several risks for the workers. As such, it is imperative to invest in the appropriate truck-mounted aerial platform to ensure workers can reach and work at the appropriate height. The structure must be safe, stable, and durable.

Extension ladders in addition to scaffolding are used at construction sites. However, such equipment is not always adequate for difficult to reach places. For one, streetlights are installed adjacent to streets where space is often not available to place worker equipment.

Using an extension ladder to reach the streetlight can be dangerous as there is not enough lean space to allow for the safe placement and anchoring of the extension ladder. Setting up a scaffold system is simply not possible for quick repairs and it takes up too much space. For working on a streetlight, a solution, such as a truck-mounted aerial platform is required.

The vehicle can be parked right next to the area where the worker must be hoisted to the required height. A secure work surface helps to give the worker the safety and confidence to work at the height.

Where an electrician, for instance, has to reach and work on electric cables, a fast and efficient means for lifting the worker to the required height is needed. The truck-mounted aerial platform is the answer.

With exceptional vertical lifting possible in a controlled manner, the risk of injury due to falling is considerably reduced. Once the work has been completed, the platform can be retracted and the vehicle can move away. As such, mobility is gained. This enables repair crews to quickly service or repair several streetlights or electric cables within a short period.

More often than not, two or more persons must work together at the height to repair machinery and cables. Extension ladders are then inadequate. Though scaffolding can work, the issue comes in with transporting and setting up the scaffolding for the appropriate height at the work site.

A truck-mounted aerial platform can be transported and immediately set in motion without having to install additional safety equipment. More than one person can be hoisted to the appropriate height if the platform is spacious enough.

As a trusted supplier of cranes and lift equipment in South Africa, we also offer the telescopic truck-mounted aerial platforms from Oil & Steel. They offer these in three models with single and double pantograph movement options. This means the platforms can be extended horizontally, as well as vertically to bring the workers to the exact spot where they need to be. With this feature, the workers can be hoisted over a structure edge to make the safe accessing of a roof possible.

The articulated type has an articulated shaft with folding capability. With such, the lift can fold vertically for easy retraction. The retraction and extension lengths differ according to the model selected.

The Snake range from Oil & Steel entails surfaces that can be moved separately from the telescopic booms. What it means is that the boom can lift the platform vertically to the required height from where the work surface can then be moved horizontally to get the best position. These units come with rotation systems. The Snake range includes units for usage at different heights.

The Scorpion is the articulated version. It folds in for easy transport. This type can be installed on the rear of a truck with a minimum GVM of 3,5 t. It is well-suited for commercial applications.

View the range of truck-mounted aerial platforms from Oil & Steel and give us a call for help in choosing the lift equipment to meet your operational requirements.