The Importance of Warehouse Sweepers for Floor Maintenance

Warehouses are used for storage purposes, as such facilities have vast and unobstructed floors. They are ideally serviced by indoor lifting equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks. The roof of such a building is commonly a self-supporting steel structure with no additional support except for the walls, in order to keep the floor free of any obstacles such as columns. Therefore, when you run a storage facility, you can create aisles to organise and high stacks to maximise floor space. You can also utilise industrial-grade sweepers to maintain the floor.

Maximal use of floor space is very important for any warehouse or storage facility. The more available floor space such a facility has; the more products and materials can be stored. To ensure that the forklifts and pallet trucks have enough space, the aisles in such a facility are just wide enough to accommodate these vehicles and still as narrow as possible to conserve floor space and offer more storage space. Therefore, you need sweepers that can clean in narrow aisles and reach tough spots.

Walk-Behind Options

We offer a wide range of Hako​ Industrial Cleaning Equipment such as the Sweepmaster industrial sweepers. They are available as walk-behind or ride-on machines. The M600 is an ideal walk-behind machine that covers smaller areas. It automatically collects dirt while cleaning with its front-mounted industrial brushes. The result is a clean and smooth surface that ensures a safe work environment within a warehouse. If you need a cleaner that can easily navigate narrow aisles and confined spaces, the M600 is a strong contender. If you want something that covers larger areas, the B/P650 is more suitable for your needs.

This is one of the walk-behind warehouse sweepers that features vacuum functionality to suck up dust while cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning to medium-sized areas thanks to its high levels of performance and ample capacity. With a single centre-mounted castor wheel at the front of the machine, it is easy to steer and navigate through aisles and confined spaces. It also features a powerful filter system to deliver better performance while cleaning bigger areas. If you want power and performance from a walk-behind machine, the B/P650 delivers everything that you need to keep your floors clean.

Ride-On Options

Sometimes, larger facilities require larger cleaning equipment to clean expansive areas in less time than a walk-behind machine can. This is where ride-on warehouse sweepers come into the picture. The Sweepmaster B800 R utilises the compact mobility of a walk-behind machine while adding a seat and steering wheel to make it a ride-on cleaner. It offers excellent versatility and can clean hard-to-reach spaces with ease. It also allows you to cover larger areas, as the machine can travel at higher speeds than a walk-behind counterpart.

If you are looking for the ultimate in warehouse sweepers, the PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR is the ideal option. This machine runs on LPG or diesel, allowing it to clean outside as well. It features a fully hydraulic vacuum that delivers high performance to tackle large areas with ease. It can also climb at a 16% incline to make it feasible for parking lots and shopping malls as well. As a result, this machine will meet all your needs if you want to cover large surfaces in a short time. Remember, a clean work environment is a safe work environment.

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