Managers often overlook the dangers associated with operating a waste compactor truck. Waste compactor trucks are challenging and complicated vehicles, from the various types of waste the hoppers must handle, to the long distances they must travel to dispose of waste, operators have a lot to deal with when working with a waste compactor. Ensuring the safety of your waste compactor operators reduced the potential of insurance and/or personal injury claims and reduces downtime thus improving productivity and profitability. The key to keeping waste truck operators productive and safe lies in the best practices of waste collection.

5 Safety tips and best practices

#1. Hire knowledgeable drivers and provide them with regular training.

Drivers are responsible for the overall operation of the waste compactor, from maintaining a safe speed to operating the compacting mechanism. It is therefore crucial that drivers are mentally and physically prepared for their workday before they enter the cabin. This can be done by ensuring they stay hydrated throughout the day, take regular breaks, and have received adequate training to ensure their safety and the safety of the hoppers.

#2. Provide protective gear and make it a necessity.

There are many PPE options to protect drivers and hoppers while operating the waste compactor including reflective vests and visible colours to ensure visibility of the hoppers, protective gloves, googles, masks, and hard hats to protect the hoppers from the waste and in the event of an accident.

#3. A pre-route checklist to ensure safety compliance.

Doing pre-route checks to ensure the integrity and safety of the vehicle before waste collection begins is important as it give the driver time to address any leaks, damages, or other pressing repair issues in good time. Doing pre-route check also allows the driver to plan for any challenges or abnormal situations that may arise during their shift.

#4. Follow the rules of the road.

Simple things such as wearing a seatbelt, checking blind spots, and maintaining a safe speed on the road significantly improve the safety of drivers and hoppers. There are additional road rules applicable specifically to waste compactors such as hoppers must sit in the cabin when traveling on the highway or freeway, always maintain visual contact with the hoppers and stop the truck immediately if they are not within sight etc.

#5. Utilize advanced technology systems to improve the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

This includes blind spot detectors, emergency braking systems, collision warning systems etc to keep the drivers and hoppers safe and efficient.

The ORV series Hydraulic waste compactors

The Orakci ORV series of hydraulic waste compactors are designed for efficient waste collection in the toughest conditions. Supplied by Orakci, via 600SA a division of CFAO Equipment SA, the ORV series is designed with the South African industrial and commercial waste collection needs in mind. This range of reliable hydraulic waste compactors offers a variety of volume options, 13,5 m3– 29,5 m3, for its rear loaders providing amazing capacity to improve performance and productivity.

The ORV series are ergonomically designed for the safety and health of both the drivers and hoppers. Along with its corrosion-resistant steel body the ORV compactor series are the best waste management solutions to keep you retailer or wholesale safe and productive.

ORV series waste compactor safety features

The safety standard of your waste compactor plays a huge role in ensuring the safety environment of your business. The ORV waster compactor series is designed with safety and ergonomics in mind and thus comes standard with the following features to improve safety.

Standard safety features as per the ORV Series:

  • Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic Hydraulic Control System
  • Production in accordance with EN 1501-1 standard
  • Safety system between tailgate and ejection plate
  • Usage of “Geared Pump” which is durable against high pressure
  • Mud Guards
  • Steps for Rear Staff
  • Driver Warning System
  • Stop lamps
  • Side Beacon Lamp
  • Hopper Lighting (Night working) Lamp
  • Turning Head Lamp
  • Emergency Stop / Recovery Buttons
  • Front Repair Lid Application

To find out more about the ORV series or get a full specs sheet for the ORV series or any of our other waste compactors contact us today.

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