Municipalities are under greater pressure to assure service delivery and waste management infrastructure.  With South African population and urbanisation growth, the demand for refuse removal, refuse dumps and effective solid waste disposal increases.

One of the many factors impacting municipality waste management deliveries is the inability to effectively service and maintain existing waste collection truck fleet due to limited spare truck availability to the age of the existing fleet, which makes maintenance and servicing of parts expensive.  This leads to having to buy new waste compactors that are for sale.

Orakci Waste Compactors for Sale

Rear End loader refuse equipment

600SA is a proud distributor of Orakci’s waste compactors ORV series.  Orakci, are global producers of truck-mounted waste collection and special service equipment products and offers the ORV series which is ideal of clients operating and requiring container or manual rear loading.

The ORV-419 and ORV-313 series are designed with the South African environment in mind.  Its corrosion-resistant steel body to steel tailgate for easy and safe crew passage between stops and offer the best performance and safety features.

Waste Compactors for sale – Orakci ORV- 419 

The ORV-419 waste compactor is designed for trucks with power take-off (PTO) and is ideal for industrial businesses with large volumes of disposals. The ORV 419 has a total capacity of 20.5m3 and comprises of a body size of 19.0m3 with hopper capacity of 1.5m3.

Contact us for a detailed spec sheet.

Orakci’s ORV 313 series for moderate power take-off (PTO) systems

The ORV-313 Waste compactor is smaller and suited for moderate power take-off systems and has a total capacity of 14.5m3. With a body size of 13,0 m³ and a hopper capacity of 1,5 m³, the ORV-313 is better suited for large outlets, facilities, warehouses, branches, or plants with large volumes of waste to manage.

Standard features of the ORV-300 Series include:

  • Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic Hydraulic Control System
  • 1:6 compaction ratio
  • Container Volume: 10 m³ – 16 m³
  • Tailgate Tank Capacity: 1 m³ – 1.5 m³
  • Hopper Extension
  • Production in accordance with EN 1501-1 standard
  • Waste Water Tank Capacity: 230 lt
  • Safety system between tailgate and ejection plate
  • Usage of “Geared Pump” which is durable against high pressure
  • System operating pressure: 180 bars
  • Bicycle Stand
  • Mud Guards
  • Steps for Rear Staff
  • 12/ 24 V operating voltage
  • Driver Warning System
  • Stop lamps
  • Side Beacon Lamp
  • Hopper Lighting (Night working) Lamp
  • Turning Head Lamp
  • Emergency Stop / Recovery Buttons
  • Front Repair Lid Application
  • Oven-Dying Application
  • Equipment Manual Control System
  • Installing control system at right or left side of the equipment body

Additional add-on features include:

  • Plate thickness and quality change at the desired parts of equipment
  • Compliance with EN 1501 standards
  • Pump usage options with different capabilities (Vane, Piston, Tandem)
  • External waste water tank and stainless steel option depending on the vehicle
  • Bin Apparatus System (special production according to EN840 or customer standard)
  • Bin Lid Opener / Stopper Bar
  • Button Bin Lifter Control
  • Simultaneously working with packer and bin lifter system (Tandem Pump)
  • Side Inspection Door (Sensor controlled)
  • Reverse Gear Buzzer System
  • Camera System
  • Camera Recording System
  • Cabin Control System (Analog)
  • 4’’ or 7’’ Screen ECU Controlled Inner Cabin System
  • 4’’ or 7’’ Screen PLC Controlled Inner Cabin System
  • CAN-BUS System
  • Read of equipment operating information from inside the cabin
  • Talking system between operator and driver
  • Automatic Greasing System
  • Fire Extinguisher Box

The ORV series of waste compactors allow industrial and commercial businesses to transfer and transport waste efficiently. This is increasingly important as waste disposal has become a key concern for consumers who are actively seeking environmentally aware and responsible businesses.

Contact 600SA today to find out about our Orakçı waste compactors for sale and how they can help you with your waste management requirements.

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