All heavy operational equipment including forklifts require regular maintenance and service. A maintenance schedule thus ensures the longevity of your forklift, the safety of its operators and smooth and efficient operations. A forklift that is not maintained poses a risk to the safety of your operators and your operations. At 600SA and via our group company, EIE Group, we offer valued after-market solutions which include forklift service and maintenance plans.

Over the years, forklifts engage in many heavy lifting tasks, which cause wear and tear. If your forklift is not maintained, here are some tell-tale signs that a service or maintenance is due.

1.Leaking Oil

If the forklift engine is leaking oil, this is usually a sign that a service is needed as soon as possible. Oil lubricates and ensures a safe and functional forklift. In the event that the oil drains completely, this could cause your forklift engine to stop working, causing further damage to the forklift engine itself.

2.A sticky mast

The mast is essential for lifting, supporting and tilting heavy loads. As it is connected to the hydraulic assembly, it requires enough hydraulic fluid. A mast that gets stuck or sticks could cause the mechanism to jerk during lifting and tilting operations, potentially causing damage to your load.

3.Damaged Forks

The forks of your forklift could become bent and cracked through everyday operations or through accidents and improper load management. Damaged forks pose a risk in that they can break or bend, damaging the load or even injuring the operator.

4.Damaged chain

Forklift chains lift thousands of kilograms every single day. In the event of it breaking, your operator and the personnel close by are at serious risk of injury, even death.Inspecting your forklift chain is an essential activity.Look for signs of corrosion, rust or any kinking.If found, this is a clear sign that your forklift chains need replacement.

5.Draining forklift battery

In the event that your forklift battery is not holding a charge like it used to, this is a sign that you must service or replace your battery.Pay attention to how long your battery lasts once it is fully charged. Having this information will guide you on when it is time to servicing or replacing your forklift battery.

How can 600SA help you?

600SA ensures that your business keeps moving forward. We pride ourselves in providing forklifts (new forklifts as well as second-hand forklifts for sale in South Africa) for all your material handling needs and offering you the support you need for forklift maintenance.

Contact us today to book your forklift in for a service.

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