Explore Articulated Forklifts with CFAO Equipment SA

Experience the art of precise manoeuvrability with Toyota's Articulated Forklifts. As a division of CFAO Equipment SA, we introduce you to a range of advanced solutions designed to revolutionise your material handling operations with agility and versatility. Toyota's Articulated Forklifts redefine the way you navigate tight spaces and challenging environments with exceptional agility. With innovative designs and advanced technology, these forklifts empower you to achieve seamless and precise manoeuvring.

Flexi AC iON Lite

Experience the exceptional capabilities of Toyota's low-profile overhead guard, purposefully designed to seamlessly enter ISO cargo container doors for efficient unloading. With a specialised light chassis measuring just 1.0 metres wide to ISO specifications, this innovative solution offers unparalleled manoeuvrability. The triplex 4.0 or quad 5.7 lift mast ensures swift operations within ISO containers off the dock, while the independent 1.8KW digital power steering motor guarantees safe operation and energy conservation.

Flexi AC iON 1000

Experience effortless manoeuvring with the compact and easily drivable design of our solution, featuring a chassis just 1.0 metres wide. Enjoy seamless and safe turns with an impressive 220° over rotation capability and a compact front axle ensuring maximum aisle clearance. Elevate your operations with lift heights exceeding 8 metres, complemented by the standard HiViS lift mast for an unobstructed view of fork tines. The innovative HiViS head guard design surpasses EU/US standards, ensuring exceptional safety. With a four-wheel design, our solution delivers outstanding stability across diverse applications.


Experience the power of our heavy-duty Flexi solution designed to revolutionise industrial efficiency, providing space-saving benefits and enhanced pallet throughput. Capable of handling loads up to 2.5 tonnes, our Flexi system reaches lift heights of over 11 metres, delivering exceptional versatility. With chassis widths of 1250mm, 1350mm and 1400mm, we prioritise optimum aisle way performance. Enjoy unbeatable high-level stability with the clear HiViS heavy-duty spare frame lift, while the robust 2.5T articulation system ensures heavy-duty support.

Flexi AC iON VNA

Introducing the Flexi VNA, a cutting-edge solution capable of operating in remarkably narrow aisles, ranging from just 1.6 metres to 1.8 metres (Euro Pal). By offering the ability to convert costly guided very narrow aisle operations and eliminate double handling, our Flexi VNA maximises efficiency. With full 230° over rotation and lift heights exceeding 10.5 metres, it ensures exceptional aisle clearance and optimised storage. The unique compact front axle minimises the risk of lost loads, enhancing productivity. Leveraging digital brushless motor technology, the Flexi VNA boasts faster travel and lift speeds while reducing power consumption.

Flexi AC iON HiMAX

With lift heights reaching beyond 14.5 metres, our advanced solution combines impressive vertical reach with a heavy-duty fixed space frame lift mast, guaranteeing exceptional high-level stability. The innovation of tilting side-shifting forks eliminates the need for special flat floors. The HIVIS overhead guard surpasses EU/US safety standards, ensuring unmatched security. Featuring a CCTV/LCD HiDEF operator vision system hard-wired, alongside an integrated Laser lift height selector System, our design offers seamless functionality. Optimal aisle performance is ensured through four compact chassis widths of 1250mm, 1350mm, 1400mm and 1500mm.

Flexi AC iON 1200

Built on a foundation of proven reliability, our platform boasts common components across the range, ensuring consistent performance. With a 220° over rotation feature, heavy-duty clear vision lift mast and standard HiViS overhead guard, safety and visibility are paramount. Elevate your stacking efficiency with lift heights of up to 10.5 metres. Equipped with large elastic rubber tires, including non-marking options, this solution offers versatility. Battery changes are made easy with the roll-out cassette option and the absence of components under the battery streamlines maintenance.

​Discover the potential of agile manoeuvrability with Toyota's Articulated Forklifts. Contact us today to explore how our advanced solutions can transform your material handling operations, optimise versatility and elevate your operational performance with precise agility.​