Explore Order Pickers with CFAO Equipment SA

Experience the pinnacle of order picking efficiency with Toyota's Order Pickers. As a division of CFAO Equipment SA, we present a range of advanced solutions designed to revolutionise your order fulfilment operations with precision and productivity. Toyota's Order Pickers redefine the art of order fulfilment. With precision-engineered designs and cutting-edge technology, these pickers empower you to navigate your warehouse with ease, optimising the process of gathering and dispatching goods.

TSE 100/100W

1000Kg Capacity

Featuring a low step-in design and a range of narrow chassis options, our tow tractors excel at towing multiple trolleys effortlessly. The truck's steering capability enables it to perform 360-degree turns, enhancing manoeuvrability even in tight spaces. Our TSE100 model is designed for conventional towing needs, while the TSE100W variant is specifically crafted to seamlessly dock with individual load carriers, streamlining order-picking operations. The latter version can also be paired with specialised equipment such as trolleys equipped with built-in ladders, facilitating efficient second-level picking tasks.

OSE 100-250

1000 – 2500kg Capacity

Elevate your picking efficiency in challenging environments with our advanced range of low-level order pickers. These models are meticulously designed to cater to intensive picking demands. Each order picker is centred around Toyota's Powerdrive, an innovative integrated drive and control system that ensures exceptional ease of use, superior performance and enhanced efficiency. This technology empowers operators to navigate their tasks seamlessly while achieving optimal productivity and maintaininga high level of precision.


1000kg Capacity

Unlock efficient order picking in confined spaces with picking heights reaching up to 6.3 metres, whether guided or non-guided. This versatile solution caters to a range of applications, from the food industry's wholesale operations to pharmaceuticals and spare parts storage. The elevating forks streamline the placement of picked items onto pallets, ensuring seamless operations. Additionally, the walk-through version enhances operator comfort and efficiency by enabling the handling of bulkier loads with ease.

OME 100H/120HW

1000 – 1200kg Capacity

Experience unparalleled productivity with the H-series range, where simultaneous drive and lift action redefine efficiency. With a remarkable load capacity of up to 1.2 tons and impressive picking heights reaching 12.1 metres, our high-level order pickers establish a new benchmark for performance. The adjustable fingertip console and backrest facilitate driving in both directions, offering adaptability tailored to your needs. These trucks are equipped with Toyota's innovative Optiopace technology, optimising truck speed in harmony with lift height and load conditions, further enhancing operational precision and productivity.

5000 Series™

1363kg Capacity

In a landscape characterised by expanding SKUs and tightening timelines, the significance of efficient order picking cannot be overstated. Elevate your operational efficiency by selecting the order picker best suited to amplify throughput and pick rates while remaining cost-effective. Our order pickers are equipped with intuitive controls and a host of features, including ergonomic control handles, panoramic vistas, low step heights and cushioned platforms. These features collectively empower operators to achieve more with reduced effort, facilitating seamless productivity enhancements across your operations.

Discover the future of order fulfilment with Toyota's Order Pickers. Contact us to explore how our advanced solutions can transform your warehouse operations and enhance your order-picking efficiency.