Explore Reach Trucks with CFAO Equipment SA

Unlock the true potential of vertical storage with Toyota's Reach Trucks. As a division of CFAO Equipment SA, we introduce you to a range of advanced solutions designed to revolutionise your vertical material handling tasks with precision and performance. Toyota's Reach Trucks redefine the way you manage vertical material handling. With precision-engineered designs and cutting-edge technology, these trucks empower you to optimise storage and retrieval operations with unmatched precision.

RRE 120-160B

1200 – 1600kg Capacity

The B-series models prioritise user-friendly operation alongside exceptional efficiency. These dependable reach trucks provide operators with a comfortable and spacious environment, promoting both safety and a pleasant work experience. Featuring adjustable floor height, controls and seats, these trucks are designed for personalised comfort. The intuitive fingertip lever controls ensure precise and smooth manoeuvrability, enhancing overall handling.

RRE 140-160M

1400 – 1600 kg Capacity

Designed with a slim chassis and 360° steering, the M-series reach trucks are perfectly suited for tasks such as block stacking, drive-in racking and manoeuvring in tight spaces. Prioritising driver comfort and efficiency, these trucks feature adjustable seats and controls, exceptional visibility and a low step-in height. The range also offers cold store specifications, with the option of heated cabins, ensuring optimal performance even in temperatures as low as -35˚C.


1400 – 2500kg Capacity

Engineered for demanding stacking operations, the latest Toyota high capacity reach forklifts prioritise productivity, reliability, ergonomic design (customizable controls, steering and seat) and above all, safety. The Reflex series presents an innovative E-model, featuring an automatic cabin tilt at a specific height to enhance load visibility and minimise operator neck strain. Available in standard and tilting configurations, the driver's compartment can also be equipped with cold store specifications, with the option of heated cabins, enabling operation in temperatures as low as -35˚C.

RRE160HR Outdoor

1600kg Capacity

The O-series reach truck seamlessly adapts to indoor and outdoor environments, offering versatile solutions for various conditions. Its weather protection options include polycarbonate windows on the overhead guard and cab sides, ensuring operator comfort. Enhanced ground clearance and rubber wheels, combined with a redesigned gearbox, enable the truck to navigate uneven terrain, handle yard operations, manage block stacking, service outdoor racking and facilitate efficient side-loading and unloading of vehicles.

FRE270 FourWay Reach Truck

2700kg Capacity

Engineered for robust performance, the heavy-duty multidirectional reach truck operates on AC power, boasting clear-view masts, 360° steering and a sideways battery exchange system that maximises productivity. With hydraulic forks spanning up to 2.22 metres, this reach truck excels in handling a diverse range of loads, from lengthy steel beams and plastic pipes to standard pallets, ensuring versatility and efficiency.

700 Series Reach & Deep Reach

1600 – 2000kg Capacity

Engineered to prioritise operator comfort and equipped with Raymond's exclusive ACR System™ – a fusion of AC technology and ergonomic design – the Raymond 7000 Series delivers heightened speed, smoother performance and reduced maintenance. This range offers a variety of operator positioning options, alongside a selection of masts and controls, providing a tailored solution for your needs.

​Discover the future of vertical storage with Toyota's Reach Trucks. Contact us today to explore how our advanced solutions can transform your warehouse layout, enhance vertical material handling and take your operational efficiency to new heights.​