Explore Tow Motors with CFAO Equipment SA

Embark on a journey of efficiency and adaptability with our Tow Tractors. These versatile solutions embody precision, power and exceptional performance, tailored to cater to diverse operational needs. Toyota Material Handling goes beyond providing equipment; we offer solutions that amplify your operations. Our Tow Tractors exemplify this ethos, equipping you with tools designed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

2TG/2TD Tow Tractors

1500 – 4500kg Drawbar Pull

Found at the heart of airlines across the globe, Toyota's esteemed range of tow tractors is an indispensable asset. These versatile machines are the go-to choice for efficiently handling cargo and their influence doesn't stop there – they also play a crucial role in various factory applications. In the fast-paced world of airlines, the efficient movement of cargo is paramount. Toyota's tow tractors have solidified their place as a staple due to their unmatched reliability and precision in transporting cargo between aircraft and terminals. This critical role ensures that cargo logistics remain seamless, contributing to the overall smooth functioning of the aviation industry.

CBT4/6 Battery Electric Tow Motor

4000 – 25000kg Capacity

Unveil the power of efficiency and versatility with Toyota's range of compact towing tractors: CBT4 & 6 (sit-down type) and the CBTY4 (stand-up type). These adept machines revolutionise long-distance material transportation, offering an unmatched blend of manoeuvrability and operability. Toyota's compact towing tractors redefine the way large quantities of materials are transported. Designed with precision, these tractors effortlessly navigate across distances, streamlining material movement within your facility. The result? An optimised workflow that enhances productivity and reduces operational challenges.

TE Battery Electric Tow Tractor

15 – 25 Tonnes

Immerse yourself in the realm of innovation with Toyota's 15 and 25-ton series battery towing tractors, now powered by Toyota's new AC technology. These robust tractors, with their remarkable towing capacity and exceptional manoeuvrability, stand as dynamic partners in global airport logistics and baggage handling operations. Toyota's 15 and 25-ton series battery towing tractors epitomise power and innovation. Driven by Toyota's state-of-the-art AC technology, these tractors redefine efficiency, delivering seamless and dependable towing performance. This new technology not only elevates their capabilities but also ensures their sustainability, aligning with modern environmental standards.

TSE 100-150 Tow Motors

1000 – 1500kg Capacity

Step into a world of cutting-edge material handling with the Toyota Movit range of tow trucks. Designed to excel in both order picking and horizontal transport operations, these tow trucks redefine safety and efficiency, setting new standards in the industry. The Toyota Movit range is a testament to precision and performance. With seamless integration into order picking and horizontal transport operations, these tow trucks empower your workflow. Whether you're dealing with palletized, unpalletized, or roller-caged loads, the Movit range ensures a smooth and efficient transportation process.

TSE 300 Tow Motors

3000 – 5000kg Capacity

Embark on a journey of innovation with the Toyota S-Series Stand-In Tugger. Powered by energy-saving AC technology, this tugger redefines productivity and durability, setting a new benchmark for high-intensity material handling operations. Toyota's S-Series Stand-In Tugger is a game-changer. With the infusion of cutting-edge AC technology, its performance reaches new heights. This innovation not only boosts productivity but also ensures the tugger's longevity, making it a reliable companion for demanding material handling tasks.

8610 Tow Motors

4540 Capacity

Introducing the Toyota 8610 Tow Tractor – a robust workhorse engineered to excel in batch order picking and horizontal transport operations. With a focus on durability and powered by our energy-efficient ACR System, this tow tractor is your ultimate companion for effortlessly managing high-volume transport and order-picking tasks. The Toyota 8610 Tow Tractor stands as a symbol of unwavering durability. Its construction is a testament to reliability, designed to withstand the rigours of demanding material handling environments. This workhorse is poised to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring uninterrupted operations even under the most demanding conditions.

Explore our range of Tow Tractors and Tow Motors to experience firsthand the adaptability, power and performance that Toyota Material Handling brings to your operations.