How Our 3- and 4-Wheel Electric Forklifts Meet Safety and Performance Requirements

Our brand is synonymous with quality, durability, reliability, and performance. A brief introduction is given below regarding the 4-wheel models in our range of 3- and 4-wheel electric forklifts for warehouses and load yards to provide insight regarding the superb features of this range.

8-Series 4-wheel FB Model with 1- to 3,5-Tonne Capacity

Toyota 8-Series internal combustion forklifts

When it comes to warehouse and load-yard environments, it is essential to have electric forklifts that are safe to operate, energy-efficient, easy to steer, and reliable. To this end, the 4-wheel electric forklifts in the 8-Series meet and exceed the requirements. Inclusive of our Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS), in addition to AC power, the units in this series are powerful and capable workhorses. To prevent premature fatigue due to the operator’s various repetitive tasks and movements, these 4-wheel electric forklifts are built to ensure effortless steering and maximum driver comfort. The ergonomic design of the operator compartment supports the comfort and safety of operators while the improved visibility helps to reduce the risk of accidents.

8 FBMT 4-Wheel Model with 3,5- to 5-Tonne Capacity

When it comes to ease of steering in small spaces, 3- and 4-wheel electric forklifts that include a range of features to support easier turning, driver comfort, and top performance should be a priority. Our FBMT 4-wheel battery-powered units are able performers in their own right, regardless of indoor or outdoor usage. Though these units are powerful, they are energy efficient. With more and more companies in South Africa looking for equipment that is economical to operate and maintain, having electric forklifts that can handle heavy loads and extended battery life is certainly beneficial to keep operational costs low. The 8 FBMT Series machines have superb load capacities, whilst also being able to operate for several hours before recharging is required.

The standard features of the 4-wheel electric forklifts in the 8-Series include the System of Active Stability (SAS), which is the first of its kind of computer-controlled stability technology for safer and more efficient forklift operation. These units also feature an AC power system for superb performance and power, in addition to long operation hours. With the OPS feature, the risk of injury and accidents related to machines moving while not under operator control is eliminated. These units also feature the Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat. This further improves driver safety. In addition, the seat can be adjusted to meet the operator’s requirements. Add the wide-visible mast, long forks and fork bar, wide brake pedal, and wet-disc brakes, and it becomes clear why our 3- and 4-wheel electric forklifts are known for their safety and performance.

The units come with fully hydraulic power steering, making turning easy, while the digital multifunction display with wheel indicator improves the ability of the operator to monitor and control safe operation. The units also have emergency-stop buttons in the armrests. Get in touch with our consultants if you are not sure which machines to purchase for the requirements of your particular warehouse or dock yard. They will explain the features of the machines, helping you to determine which ones match your operational needs the best.

Factors to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Load-lifting capacity required.
  • Maximum lift height with a full load.
  • Type of load to lift.
  • Maximum width of the load.
  • Turning space available.
  • Average distance to travel with a full load.
  • Consecutive operating hours.
  • Indoor or outdoor usage.

With low noise emission and robust bodies, the 3- and 4-wheel electric forklifts in the Toyota lift-equipment stable are the perfect choices for South African warehouse and dockyard environments. Get in touch for more information about our equipment range.