Bravi Platforms Lift Equipment now available

Bravi Platforms Lift Machinery for your order picking needs

All retail, industrial and warehousing activities require careful stock management and have picking and packing activities that are performed every day. They all share common challenges that impact operational efficiency and ultimately profitability of the business.

As storage space becomes more expensive, warehouse managers are identifying ways in which to optimize operational activities, and save on operational expenses all in the bid to remain profitable whilst improving customer service and experience. A successful warehouse is one that has optimized several operational activities, including warehouse layout and storage space. Both floor space and vertical spaces are available for storage. To improve efficiencies labour and the equipment used to complete activities in these spaces are analysed, assessed, and invested in.

Keeping our customers’ growing needs in mind and with our commitment to providing solutions that help our customers improve and increase productivity every day, Toyota Industrial Equipment, a division of CFAO Equipment SA, leaders in best-in-class material handling and industrial equipment now offers areal lifting platforms by recognised brand, Bravi Platforms.

About Bravi Platforms | Bravi Sprint

Bravi Sprint

Bravi Platforms offer Bravi Sprint, also referred to as Bravi Sprint Electric Vertical Lift in the market a battery-powered, innovative and versatile order picker that increases productivity and efficiency whilst keeping safety top of mind. The Sprint has a lift and carry capacity of up to 90kg with the load deck able to load to a maximum of 113kg. The Sprint allows the operator to move quickly and simultaneously, performing elevated tasks, and is able to lift both operator and materials to position them at the desired height up to 5.35m.

Bravi Sprint Features:

  • dual sensor pedals and handles activate driving, lifting and lowering
  • load deck
  • adjustable load tray (powered height adjust)
  • revolutionary maintenance-free mast
  • high quality, low maintenance components
  • flashers and alarm activate when Sprint is travelling or mast is in motion
  • on-board charger ground control with a three-position switch

About Bravi Platforms | Bravi Spin-Go

Bravi Spin-Go

Even when your warehouse uses correctly specified rolling warehouse ladders for light picking, your workers are still exposed to safety risks and injuries due to falls. Furthermore, bulky items are not easily packed and retrieved via the warehouse ladders either. Frequent and repetitive tasks have a direct impact on productivity levels. The Bravi Spin-Go platform is a simply crafted yet innovative solution providing a stable platform to lift, pack and pick light to bulky loads and will happily replace the ladder as well as improve the safety and productivity of your staff.

The Bravi Spin-Go platform is a manually adjustable, push/pull platform that is easily moved to your desired position and lifts the operator and loaded items, positioning them at the desired height up to 4.17m. The load tray carries up to 90kg. The Spin-Go is your alternative solution to ladders, podiums and step stools providing a safer and more efficient method of reaching highly positioned products.

Safety features include brakes on the wheels that are always active and a brake release switch to allow you to adjust and push the platform into position.

Bravi Spin-Go Features

  • an innovative manual push platform with a motorized ascent
  • working height of 4.17m
  • adjustable shelf directly from the position on the machine on which to place goods or tools up to 90kg
  • ground control with an operator switch key
  • easy manual push/pull operation
  • load deck
  • adjustable load tray – manual height adjust
  • button release brakes
  • emergency lower
  • revolutionary maintenance-free mast
  • ground control with position switch
  • low maintenance components
  • flashers and alarm activate when travelling or mast is in motion
  • pedal lever
  • onboard charger

About Bravi Platforms | Bravi Sprint TL

Bravi Sprint TL

Industrial tyres come in all various weights and sizes. When it comes to handling such heavy products manually the risk for injuries is great, thankfully Bravi Platforms has a solution to solve these challenges. The Bravi Sprint TL platform is a unique tyre picker, electronically operated by battery and provides a solution to save your operators back and increase productivity, efficiency and safety. The platform can load up to four tyres and lists both operator and the tyres, positioning them at the desired height and allowing faster, safer performance than if manually handled.

Sprint TL has a lifting compartment system that loads up to 100kg.

Bravi Sprint TL Features

  • can reach a height of 5.35m
  • innovative lift compartment system can load up to 100kg
  • compact design
  • can perform a complete rotation on its own axis
  • control panel equipped with a large LCD display showing vehicle status, system operating time and battery status via a charge indicator