Could these Toyota Order Pickers revolutionise your warehouse operations?

Warehouse managers and operational personnel are under extreme pressure to perform in today’s high-pressure warehouse environment. A qualified and skilled warehouse manager maintains the warehouse business’s success and profitability by constantly analysing and updating a variety of warehousing functions and activities to ensure overall operational efficiency and productivity.

The ever-increasing diversity of items held in warehouses necessitates growth in inventory levels and management. The professional warehouse manager understands the need for efficient space use and aisle layout in assuring optimal order picking, which will satisfy the ever-increasing demand for shorter lead times, as well as warehouse productivity and performance.

Order picking activities account for 65% of total warehouse costs

Order picking activities can account for up to 65 percent of overall warehouse operating costs. As a result, order pickers play a significant role in warehouse productivity and performance.

Because warehouse storage is restricted by capacity, using narrower aisles and stacking products on higher shelves is a wise and cost-effective way to maximize warehouse space. This, however, creates difficulties when it comes to choosing the correct order picker forklifts. Order picker machine manufacturers must develop and provide solutions that enable warehouse managers and order picker operators to achieve their day-to-day performance targets in order to keep up with the challenges and expectations of the warehouse sector.

Why Toyota’s Order Pickers are revolutionising warehouse operations

Toyota Industrial Equipment is the global leader in the material handling and industrial equipment industries. Known for its quality, durability, reliability, value, and material handling equipment that achieves the lowest cost of ownership.

Toyota leads the way with technological and safety innovation and was the first to integrate telematics technology into forklift trucks, resulting in smart connected vehicles that enable warehouse managers to stay on top of fleet information, fleet operations and performance management. Technology and data combined assist warehouse managers to optimize operations and achieve long-term profitability.

Toyota Order Pickers Range

Toyota Forklift offers the widest range of warehousing material handling equipment including low, medium and high-level order pickers, man-up very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks that can be used for order picking, T-motion order picking solutions and more. Our range of order pickers offers the perfect solution to meeting high-stacking challenges and optimizing order picking productivity.

Consider a few of our picker machines below for low-level to high-level picking and/or contact us to discuss your unique requirements so that we can recommend the right order picker to solve your challenges.

Low-Level Order Pickers

Toyota Order Picker: T-Motion order picking solutions: Model TSE 100/100W

The Toyota Forklift – BT Movit N-Series offers value to any warehouse with small item order picking requirements.

This order picker model offers low step-in height, improved drivability, a stronger motor and larger battery, easy to use controls, and an operator interface that ensures high productivity and maximum uptime. Suitable for most environments including mezzanine floors.

Toyota Order Picker = N-series Range: Model TSE100/100W features:

  • Electric towing tractor / order picker
  • Capacity: 0 tons
  • Stand height: 70mm
  • Travel speed: 12km/h
  • Total length: 1300mm/ 1580mm/ 1475mm
  • Total width: 600mm/ 750mm/ 970mm/ 1315mm
  • Overall height: 1100mm

Advanced, High-Performance Low-Level Order Picker Forklift. 2.5 Ton

Toyota Order Picker: BT Optio L-Series range, Models OSE 100-250

toyota order picker

This order picker machine is designed for high-intensity order picking applications and is suitable for first and second level picking. The model features an advanced integrated drive and control system that delivers excellent ease-of-use, performance and efficiency.

Offering fast travelling speeds, additional unique features include an automatic speed reduction. Other features include low step-in, Sensi-platform lift and integrated shrink film holder this range is designed for intensive use and maximum ergonomics. Providing increased performance, productivity, safety, and driveability.

BT Optio L-Series range

  • Electric order picking truck
  • Capacity: 5 tons
  • Stand height: 138mm/ 980mm
  • Travel speed: 8km/h / 12km/h (with/ without load)
  • Total length: 2488mm/ 2574mm
  • Total width: 790mm
  • Overall height: 1277mm

High performance, Medium Level Toyota Order Picker Machine: OME 100 Series

toyota high level order picker

This high-performance model with man-up possibilities is designed for versatile use. With the option of guided or free-ranging operation, this order picker offers enhanced operating efficiency, comfort, and safety. The BT PowerDrive system and 6.3-meter picking height ensure optimal performance, increased productivity, and shorter lead times even in restricted space areas.

  • OME 100 Series
    • BT Optio L & M – Series range
    • Electric order picking truck
    • Capacity: 0 tons
    • Stand height: 180mm
    • Travel speed: 7/8km/h / 12km/h (with/ without load)
    • Total length: 2840mm/ 2744mm/ 2890mm/ 2798mm
    • Total width: 790mm/ 810mm
    • Overall height: 1550mm/ 2450mm

High Level Order Picker – Toyota Order Picker OME100H/120HW

With a powerful drive and lift motor, this order picker truck can simultaneously drive and lift and reach picking heights up to 12.1m. Featuring the BT Optipace system, advanced technology that automatically adjusts truck speed, acceleration and breaking accordingly based on monitored truckload and lift height. This high-level order picker range offers top performance for increased productivity.

  • OME 100H/120HW
    • BT Optio H-Series range
    • Electric order picking truck
    • Capacity: 0 tons
    • Stand height: 305mm
    • Travel speed: 12km/h
    • Total length: 2692mm/ 2768mm
    • Total width: 1050mm/ 1000mm/ 1250mm/ 1200mm
    • Overall height: 3152mm/ 367mm