Enduring Solutions offered by Toyota Industrial Equipment

Through its innovative and technologically advanced offerings, Toyota Industrial Equipment has yet again been chosen as the go-to forklift supplier in the logistics and cargo industry. As part of CFAO Equipment SA, the Toyota Industrial Equipment division delivered in excess of 100 forklifts of various capacities to major logistics company, FPT Group (PTY) Ltd.

The logistics industry is crucial not only in aiding the delivery of consumables, but also in boosting economic growth. Logistical and warehouse companies such as FPT offer an integrated, broad range of landside and portside logistics services to their customers. Being one of the largest logistical and warehousing companies in South Africa, FPT prides itself on playing a pivotal role in assisting customers by taking the load off their shoulders.

With two multipurpose and one breakbulk Terminals in Southern Africa situated in the ports of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, fruit cargo remains a large part of the FPT Group’s core business. This presented a need for FPT to partner with a trusted supplier to assist with lifting and loading fruit cargo.

To this end, a solid and life-long partnership was formed between Toyota Forklifts and the FPT Group. Toyota’s environmentally friendly electric forklifts possess the capacity and capability to supply all the equipment requirements of FPT, which also include onsite technical support as well as technical team management for staff dealing with fleets.

“Our aim is to constantly provide innovative, reliable solutions to our customers that result in zero downtime. By using electric-powered forklifts, we also ensure that we remain environmentally friendly. Secondly, CFAO Equipment SA is the only service provider to specialize in flexible forklift rental options, allowing our customers to pay instalments only during revenue-generating months. This can be a very attractive solution to seasonal businesses,” says Jenna Botterill, Corporate Sales Executive at CFAO Equipment SA.

This partnership is a clear demonstration of how agile and forward-thinking CFAO Equipment SA is when it comes to putting their customers’ needs first. The group aims to forge many more partnerships within the logistical industry to continue to service and grow the industry both locally and in wider Africa.