Forklift for Sale

Our Variety of Forklifts for Purchase and Rental Solutions

Forklifts are some of the most regularly used machines within a storage facility or warehouse. These machines are so popular because of their unique design and construction. With narrow bodies, they can easily navigate narrow aisles and confined spaces. They will also feature rear-wheel steering or skid-steer capability to add to their manoeuvrability. We feature a wide range of counterbalanced trucks for sale that can make a notable difference in your warehouse or storage facility.

Toyota Forklift 6.0 – 8.0 TONNE CAPACITYA forklift has its fork mounted on the front of the vehicle. This allows the operator to see what the mechanism is doing during operation. With the cabin normally mounted in the middle or the rear of the vehicle, the weight is balanced out to allow for controlled and stable movement while carrying a load. The vertical-lift functionality also allows stacking to optimise floor space usage and vertical reach. Apart from our in-house Toyota brand, we also offer other brands for sale to ensure that you have a comprehensive selection.

Different Types of Forklifts

The conventional forklift is a narrow-body vehicle with rear-wheel steering. This results in the front wheels staying straight and keeping the nose of the vehicle stable at all times. Such a machine is usually powered by a rechargeable industrial battery for indoor applications. We offer several electric indoor machines, including a stand-in and 3-wheeled series of Toyota counterbalanced trucks. We also offer an internal-combustion range for sale that is powered by petrol or diesel, dependent on the model. This range is designed for outdoor and rough-terrain functionality, with multiple cabins to suit different weather conditions.

Flexi VNA articulated forkliftArticulated forklifts separate the control of the vehicle and lifting mechanism to extend their functionality. These trucks are commonly used for reach stacking and narrow-aisle operations. We offer a selection of articulated VNA models for sale from Flexi. This brand delivers quality articulated models that have independent front-mounted mechanisms with shafts to ensure their stability and reach during operation. They are very useful in a facility with limited space. They can also open up more floor space by allowing narrower aisles in your facility.

Reach stackers are forklifts or pallet trucks with an extended vertical reach. This allows them to reach further when creating pallet stacks. With taller stacks, more floor space is available in your facility. These machines also commonly feature vertical shafts to reinforce the lifting mechanisms. Higher lifting results in a reduced lifting capacity but by reinforcing the front-mounted mechanism with a vertical shaft, these machines are capable of handling heavier loads at higher levels. We offer a range of these useful machines for sale to ensure that your fleet has every tool at its disposal to optimise its daily operations.

Finally, we offer industrial rechargeable batteries for sale to power indoor forklifts. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver a comprehensive solution in terms of warehouse material handlers. We also offer the I_Site fleet-management system, giving you a clever and easy way to manage and observe your fleet throughout its daily operations. This management system gathers data from all the vehicles in your fleet. It can alert you when a vehicle has been in a collision, when a part is faulty, and when regular maintenance is coming up. Whether you want to buy or rent a fleet, we can make it a reality for your business.

Toyota Forklift is your partner in warehouse material-handling equipment and mobile cranes. Our extensive range of industrial machinery holds a solution for your industrial lifting-equipment needs. For more information on what we have for sale, please browse our website for specifications and brochures. Choose us as your supplier today and elevate your business with the quality warehouse material handlers we offer.

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