Forklift Maintenance and why its important

Toyota Forklifts offer an array of forklifts that are available for sale, hire and rent. Owning a forklift is a worthwhile investment, but you have to make sure you care for it properly. The longevity of a forklift is primarily determined by the level of forklift service and maintenance it receives. Irregular service and maintenance could lead to many problems down the line, including buying a new one sooner than expected.

Although many forklifts are designed to operate in severe conditions, they must regularly be serviced to ensure they perform optimally.

Why must you service and maintain your forklift?

Forklift maintenance and forklift repairs are essential for the following reasons:

1. Improved Performance

If your forklifts are in optimal condition, they perform efficiently and have the ability to move more loads ensuring your work stays on schedule.

2. Reduced costs

Your net costs for forklift repairs will decrease noticeably if you regularly maintain and service them.

3. Safety

Properly maintained forklifts ensure that heavy loads are not damaged. They also protect your workforce on the ground.

4. Better business capacity

Your fleet of forklifts can do more work, without the risk of breakdowns.

5. Longer life for your forklifts

Well maintained forklifts equate to longer service life.

6. Peace of mind

You know that your forklift is in optimal condition and workloads won’t be hindered.

Forklift Maintenance Intervals

Following planned fork lifts maintenance intervals can assist you in knowing when to service your forklift. However, it is equally important to do routine maintenance checks. Replacing damaged parts, such as a damaged chain, can save you money in the long run as this ensures your productivity levels remain high.

Inspection Frequency

It would help if you inspected your forklift to determine its maintenance frequency. The following points must be considered:

  • The age and condition of your forklift
  • How extensive services are
  • Safety requirements
  • Hours of operation
  • Service record
  • The forklifts susceptibility to wear, damage and getting out of adjustment

Maintenance Schedule

You should specify tasks to be performed daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually on your maintenance schedule. By adhering to a maintenance program, you can keep your forklift in good condition and minimise downtime and costs associated with major repairs.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your forklifts often. Doing this will make it easier to detect worn or defective parts.
  • Forklift inspections, maintenance and repairs must only be done by qualified personal.
  • Know what to do when dealing with unsafe or damaged forklifts, and immediately report the problem to the appropriate person in charge.
  • Only use qualified tyre fitters when removing and fitting tyres.
  • Keep all moving parts well lubricated.
  • Your forklift must be kept charged or fuelled.
  • Make sure your forklift gauges are functioning correctly at all times.

At Toyota Industrial Equipment, we offer several value-added services, including:

  • Forklift load testing
  • Engineering workshops
  • Electronic maintenance and repair facilities
  • Product training
  • Fully-equipped repair workshops

These value-added services assist you in avoiding expenses associated with forklift maintenance.

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