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Forklift training increases efficiency and improves safety not just for your forklift operators but pedestrian employees as well. OSHA has traced 25% of forklift accidents to a lack of proper forklift training resulting in Forklift training becoming an OSHA requirement. This shows the importance of investing in accredited training for the safety of your operators, and pedestrians within the work area, decreasing avoidable liabilities due to workplace accidents and improving productivity, profitability and the life of your forklift fleet.

Accredited Forklift Training with Toyota Forklift South Africa

Levels of forklift training:

Forklift Operators need to be trained and certified for each type of forklift they operate and any attachments. Certified Operators are required to be recertified every 2 years by the OSHA (Occupational Safety Health and Safety Act).

Course levels:

  • Novice Forklift Training

Candidates with no prior training or experience participate in a 5-day training course to ensure sufficient in-depth coverage of all required training topics.

  • Refresher Forklift Training

Candidates with a valid certificate or license, are required to attend a 1-day renewal course within 90 days of the expiry of either of these documents.

Why Toyota Forklifts South Africa?

At Toyota’s Forklift Training Academy, we provide Novice and Advanced trainees with comprehensive accredited training courses. With seven certified national trainers, four administrative support employees and a dedicated learning material developer our Training Academy we are able to ensure the highest quality of material and content is readily available for your training need.

Our forklift training and licensing initiatives range from soft skills to product and technical aptitudes and training, meeting the relevant standards including:

Our Forklift Training Academy offers certifications, trade qualifications, and recertifications for warehousing and industrial equipment across multiple brands.

Where can I do forklift training?

Toyota has accredited training facilities in each major region across South Africa. Our accredited trainers will provide both theoretical training and practical training in a manner best suited to your requirements whether in-person or virtually, onsite or offsite. To be fully certified a forklift operator must complete Theoretical classroom training and Practical workshop training.

Forklift Training Course Types:

  • Theoretical classroom-based training

Theoretical classroom-based training allows forklift operators to gain theoretical knowledge through in-person classes with our accredited trainers. These classes are intended for operators to receive the theoretical knowledge they need to safely and efficiently operate forklifts in any work environment.

  • Instructor-Led virtual forklift training

Instructor-Led virtual training allows your forklift operator to receive real-time virtual training with our accredited trainers for the theoretical portion of the training. It is intended for forklift operations to gain the same quality of theoretical classroom training without the commute.

  • e-Learning

E-Learning like virtual training allows for theoretical training to be done online. It allows for extra flexibility as the operators can engage with the lessons at their own pace.

  • Practical workshop training

Practical training cannot be provided virtually as this portion of the training is intended to ensure the forklift operator demonstrates sufficient ability to operate a forklift. The Practical training can however be provided onsite at your facilities or off-site at the Toyota Industrial Training Academy.

  • On-site training

It is recommended that operators be trained onsite as this ensures they are familiar with operating your forklift within your premises. This is especially true for recertification as the operators are familiar with the forklift and premises.

  • Off-site training

Toyota Material Handling has accredited training facilities in each major region in South Africa where Practical training can be done should your facilities not be convenient for practical training and testing.

Ever ask if there is Forklift Training near me?

We offer forklift training in johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Contact us to find out if we offer forklift training near you.