Forklift Trucks Pre-Use Inspection Guide

When purchasing or renting a forklift, your business has a legal requirement and must adhere to the responsibilities and requirements set out within the Occupational Safety and Health Act (“OHSA”). Failure to comply and meet the requirements increases your risk of protecting your staff, ensuring operational productivity, and ultimately your business longevity. Consequences include fines, imprisonment, reputational damage, downtime, production loss and more.

As forklift truck suppliers in South Africa, we offer a wide range of electric and diesel forklifts to the material handling industry. We offer complete solutions allowing you to either purchase or rent a forklift; obtain forklift training, forklift maintenance, parts and support services enabling your operations to meet all its health and safety standards.

The OSHA requires that all material handling equipment such as forklifts be inspected before use to check for safety compliance. Forklift trucks must not be used if an inspection finds some problem that could jeopardize the machinery’s safe operation. Pre-use checks are needed for forklifts that are used on a daily basis, and in between shifts if used on a shift basis.

The following must be checked as part of a forklift pre-use check, note these checks vary depending upon forklift class type:

  1. Exterior Forklift Inspection

  • No visible coolant or oil leaks
  • Tyres – no deflation, damage, cracks or wear
  • No loose hub nuts
  • No dirt, damage or cracks in the lamps
  • Hydraulic fluid is at the appropriate level
  • Brake fluid is at the appropriate level
  • Engine oil is appropriate
  • Coolant levels are appropriate
  • No damage, bends, looseness or chain tension in forks or backrest
  1. Forklift On-vehicle Inspection

  • Material handling system works properly and there are no oil leaks
  • No dirt or damage on mirror
  • Brake and clutch pedal function properly
  • Parking brake operates properly
  • Gauges operate properly
  • Battery indicator lamp works properly
  • Steering wheel isn’t loose
  • No abnormal sound from horn
  • OPS indicator lighting functions correctly.
  • Mast, forks, lift chains, hydraulic and carriage operates properly
  • No abnormal noise, vibration, emission colour or smell
  • Back mirror is in good condition
  1. Electric Forklift Charging Inspection

  • On-forklift charger works properly
  • Off-forklift charger works properly

At Toyota Industrial Equipment South Africa, we can guide you on your forklift truck purchase or rental and operational compliance with OHSA, provide the appropriate forklift inspection guide depending on forklift class type and more. Contact us today, our team is on standby to assist you.