Forklift tyres – The impact of wear and tear

Forklifts play an essential role in ensuring smooth and continued operations. Maintaining each part of your forklift is critical to avoid downtime and to give your operators a safe working environment. It is easy to overlook various components on your forklift, such as the tyres.

Forklift tyres can sustain damage through regular use. Pay close attention to tyre wear and tear signs to ensure your staff remain safe and your loads don’t get damaged. At Toyota forklift South Africa and EIE Group we offer range of Toyota industrial and material handling equipment, including forklifts for sale in Gauteng and throughout South Africa.

We know that by not maintaining your forklift tyres, it can have a dramatic impact on your organisation’s productivity. All our new and pre-owned forklifts are well maintained, with forklift maintenance, servicing and repairs done regularly.

The effects of tyre wear and tear include:

1. Fatigue and job stress

Operators that are driving a forklift with worn or flat-spotted tyres experience increased fatigue and job stress. Forklifts do not have suspension, so the driver absorbs 80% of the shock when driving over an uneven surface. A damaged tyre also causes more significant vibration, resulting in driver fatigue, making the operator less careful.

2. Lack of stability

Tyres play a vital role in forklift stability. The kingpin joins the steering wheel to the steering axel, and this is subjected to excessive stresses from shocks and uneven operation. Tyre wear and tear can affect stability and increase the risk of an accident. When you hire one of our Toyota forklifts, you can rest assured that extensive maintenance has been carried out as safety is one of our main priorities.

3. Engine and transmission leak

The components on the forklift can loosen with little to no cushioning from worn tyres. This can lead to the engine and transmission leaking or mountings breaking off.

4. Loads can be compromised

The constant jarring can compromise the forklift loads, leading to damaged products and safety issues. Massive risk in loading product that can tip over or when the forklift is traveling at a high speed can cause an accident of not stopping in time.

5. Faster wear and tear on the fork lift

The wear and tear of the forklift tyres can speed up premature components failures like for example wheel bearings, kin pins, steering parts and mountings.

6. Facility damage

Forklift tyres that are not in good condition can damage the floors in your facility. Tyre marks, cuts and drag lines can be seen when observing the floor area.

7. Nematic Tyres

The impact of wear and tear with nematic tyres can increase the risk of a blowout. Although the intention of this type of tyre is to have a more softer handling of product on the forks, it is quite the opposite when this tyre type fails and blows out.

It is vital to maintain your forklift tyres and know when to replace them as the impact of wear and tear is immense. At Toyota Forklift South Africa and EIE Group, we have extensive industrial equipment experience, and we are committed to safety. Contact us or visit us at one of our branches for all your forklift hire and purchase needs.