Forklifts for Industrial Use

Powerful Forklifts for Industrial Use to Meet Your Material-Handling Needs

When it comes to forklifts of industrial use, our portfolio stands out for all the right reasons, including durability, ergonomic design, operator safety and comfort, powerful engines, and more. Each machine available through us has the mentioned characteristics. A closer look at forklifts for industrial use available from the Konecranes through our group partner, EIE Group provides insight as to how these machines can meet your application needs.

Forklifts for Industrial Use: Port Material Handling

Konecranes Forklift Trucks

When it comes to port and dockyard material handling, you need machines that can handle heavy loads daily. Whatever your lift needs, you will appreciate the Konecranes forklifts machines in our product stable. These machines are as adaptable as you can get, enabling specialised load-lifting and movement. These adaptable forklifts are built to handle port containers with ease. As such, the OPTIMA units, designed for industrial use, have features such as:

  • Smaller steering wheels for easy handling.
  • Mini-steering options for placement on the left armrest.
  • Spacious operator cabin.
  • Superb visibility of the surrounds for safe operation.
  • Large windows without corner posts that can restrict visibility.
  • Strong roof cross-member for extra safety.
  • Curved panel design for comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Highly visible sightlines.
  • Sophisticated touch instrumentation panel.
  • Instrument panel on the right-hand side of the driver’s seat for maximum accessibility.
  • Customisable design.
  • Customisable cabin height, if needed.
  • Computer control of the monitoring of vital functions and components.
  • Programmable settings for the electronic controls.
  • Reliable engine and transmission.
  • Ergonomic design extends to the steering options.
  • Option for additional equipment to the instrument panel.
  • Exceptional space inside the operator cabin.
  • Maximum driver comfort with the adjustable seat and air-conditioning.

To ensure a lower cost to company in terms of lifetime operation and maintenance, the service interval on the gearbox of the OPTIMA is set at every 1000 hours while the hydraulics requires maintenance every 4000 hours of operation. The hydraulic oil must be changed every 12 000 hours. With the HLL ultra-fine filter system in place, these forklifts use far less hydraulic oil than other forklifts for industrial applications that feature conventional hydraulic systems.

Though the OPTIMA forklifts are built specifically for heavy-duty applications, these machines have certified low-emission engines. With increasing pressure on companies and ports’ material-handling facilities to reduce their environmental footprint, forklifts with certified low-emission engines help to improve the sustainability profiles of firms that use them. These trucks are also fuel-efficient because they use maximum power only when necessary. This helps to reduce fuel usage while also keeping noise and emission levels low. Clients have the options of Duplex and Triplex, the first being without free lift and the latter including the free-lift functionality. These lifts sense the load weight and automatically adapt the lifting power needed to match the load weight.

The cabin is designed with the focus on both safety and comfort. As such, it is exceptionally spacious and includes features such as an adjustable seat, optimal visibility of the instrument panel, ample foot space, and ventilation to improve driver comfort – and thus productivity and safety. In addition, these industrial forklifts include quick-change fork systems, adding to their usefulness for industrial applications such as container handling at ports. Several attachments are available to meet your operational requirements for handling anything from wood and paper to steel and containers. The machines, furthermore, feature continuous oil-cooled brakes, helping to ensure maintenance-free brakes with long lifespans.

Whether you require forklift trucks for container handling or other industrial uses, you can rely on us to meet your requirements through our partners, EIE Group, 600SA and our Toyota forklift branded machines. Get in touch for more information about our portfolio of forklifts for industrial use according to your load, environment, and operational requirements.