• forklift fleet management system

Forklift breakdowns are inevitable. When a breakdown happens, the challenges for forklift fleet managers and supervisors are many. Prolonged breakdowns lead to serious disruption in operations, leading to lost productivity, profitability, and customers.

To get your forklift fleet up and running again, you need a rapid response from your operators, and technicians and the ability to source forklift parts, forklift repairs, maintenance or services as quickly as possible with minimal downtime and costs.

Our forklift fleet management system

With extensive insights into our customers challenges and needs, Toyota Material Handling set out to improve our mobile rapid response app to provide just that – an improved and increased, near real-time response time that empowers and enables forklift operators, fleet managers and forklift technicians to communicate, log, assess and repair or service forklifts as quickly as possible. Our digital forklift fleet management system, specifically the Magnitude Rapid Response App, builds a database of forklift breakdown logs and improvement methods to identify and manage preventative maintenance trends.

By optimizing and decreasing the downtime caused by forklift breakdowns, our rapid response app and team ensures that your fleet is performing at optimal productivity and is helping our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market by significantly reducing downtime, productivity costs and loss of profits.

What is the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response App?

The Magnitude Gold Rapid Response App is a digital platform optimised for fast, direct interactions between users and fleet controllers. We have designed the App to take advantage of the fast-paced communication available in the digital age to bridge the information and communication gap for our customers.

With its customer-centric innovations, the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response App aims to improve analytics reporting, speed up decision making and improve your ability to meet your customer’s expectations. The App has added value to our customer’s operations through the following benefits:

  • Direct communication with technicians – You can speak directly to our technicians ensuring timeous arrival and clear communication of the problem allowing sufficient information is shared to avoid misdiagnosing the fault.
  • Photo sharing – Users can also upload images when logging a fault giving the dispatched technicians a clear idea of the possible causes of the breakdown for better assistance with your fault repair ensuring a quicker repair time once on-site.
  • Analysis of breakdown history – The app stores your fault logs giving you instant access to your fleet’s breakdown history and their status in real-time. This feature also allows you to keep track of how many breakdowns a forklift has had, the cause of each breakdown and evaluate how we can help you mitigate the risk of future breakdowns.
  • Job tracking – To improve transparency the Magnitude Gold Response App can track, in real-time, the supplier’s performance and update the job status for all parties.

How does the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response App help decrease downtime?

Running a warehouse is a 24/7 operation and most breakdowns occur in the evenings. With the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response App you can log your breakdowns which is then recorded in our control centre or via the after-hours hotline, where our staff and technicians will respond to during office hours. The after-hours Standby contact number is available on App for easy access and to ensure swift and effective breakdown attention. The app gives you step-by-step tracking allowing you to plan for each step of the repair process allowing you to plan accordingly and share key information.

At big warehouses keeping track of who logged a fault, when and why can be a challenge but through the Magnitude Gold app all your fault log history is synced, giving you remote access to the information on any connected device. Sharing key information through the Magnitude information is made easy allowing for efficient coordination ensuring your faults are attended to in the shortest time.

When the technician arrives, they have sufficient information to immediately start repairs and bring the correct parts needed to complete the repairs avoiding unnecessary trips to the workshop keeping repair time and subsequently downtime to a minimum. Information sharing also helps you as a fleet supervisor quickly and efficiently keep track of and get updated on the fault logs, job statuses and repairs that occur when you are not on site. This continuous information loop means that downtime is reduced, and productivity is increased as there is no need to spend hours tracking down information and getting updated on repair progress, it can all be done easily and efficiently from the App.