How to Choose Link-Belt and Other Types of Mobile Cranes

Link-Belt mobile cranes include all-terrain heavy-duty machines for the lifting and moving of heavy equipment or materials from one site to another. The one site can be higher than the destination placement area. What makes the Link-Belt mobile cranes so useful is the ability to move materials from one place to another even though height differences exist.

Link-Belt heavy-duty mobile cranes are valuable machinery used in construction, shipyard, dock load, and forestry applications. The machines make lifting work easier on sites and thus help to reduce the time it takes to complete construction, forestry, loading, and off-loading projects.

Tower cranes are essential in the Link-Belt crane product stable. The range is extensive and includes everything from electric types that can handle small loads and lower heights to mobile cranes that can lift 100 or more tonnes at a time. Whether for a rough terrain operation or smooth terrain, such as at an airport or a harbour, the Link-Belt type mobile cranes are essential for heavy lifting applications.

With so many types of Link-Belt, heavy-duty mobile cranes on the market, how do you choose one that is right for your application? Fortunately, when you make use of our services, we help to determine your particular lift- and load-carrying requirements. Our consultants know our products and make it their priority to understand client requirements. As such, you can rely on us to help you choose the most appropriate machines for your particular operations.

To help you get started, we briefly note important aspects to consider in selecting the right equipment among heavy-duty Link-Belt mobile and tower cranes.

Load Weight

Just as with any other type of lift equipment, the maximum load weight to be lifted is the most important consideration. If the lift machine cannot handle the particular load weight, it may fall over. It is thus imperative to determine load weight before selecting the machinery for doing the lift work.

Likewise, a machine with more capacity than needed means you waste money in paying for and maintaining a more expensive piece of machinery if you need a smaller type.

Load Type

This brings us to the second important factor, which is the load type. The project success is dependent on choosing the right material handling equipment. If you, for instance, have to move a container filled with hazardous liquid, then you will need a crane and lift attachments specifically suited for such. The requirements will differ from what you will need to lift a wooden crate, steel container, or concrete boulder. The type and weight of the load will determine the type of crane or lift equipment that you will need.

Lift Height

How high must the load be lifted? Keep in mind that the load type and weight must be factored in once the lift height has been determined. If the crane or tower cannot reach the particular height required, you will need another type or one with higher reach. You may even need more than one in order to lift the load from one height station to another to reach the maximum height required. The crane boom length determines how high the load can be lifted. In a vertical construction environment, the lift height and the boom length must be calculated.

Horizontal Movement Distance

In addition to lift height, load type, and load weight, you need to determine the horizontal movement distance at the terrain to determine which Link-Belt tower or mobile cranes to choose for the project. If the crane must transport materials from one spot to another as may be the case where the load spots are far from each other, you will need a unit with wheels. In this instance, you will need a crane truck type.

Apart from the factors that we have mentioned, we consider the terrain where the unit has to operate, whether it is to be used at the same location daily or whether you need it for different projects at various locations. Get in touch with us to discuss your load lift requirements to ensure you get the most appropriate Link-Belt mobile cranes to meet your requirements.