Pallet Trucks South Africa

Who Has the Best Range of Low-Lift Pallet Trucks in South Africa?

We can meet a wide range of material-handling needs for companies in South Africa with our comprehensive range of warehouse lifting equipment and forklifts. Below is an introduction to some of the pallet trucks in our portfolio, providing a glimpse of what is available and why so many South African companies recommend our brand when it comes to lifting equipment for warehouses and yards.

BT Pallet Truck LargeThe BT Lifter Range, as available from us in South Africa, consists of premium-quality hand pallet trucks. It includes the H-series of high-lifting hand pallet trucks, the S-series of manual stackers, the Pro-lifter L-series for easy movement, and the L-series of long-life trucks. The models in this range are designed for safe operation and durability. If you are looking for lift equipment noted for superb performance and longevity, consider the models in this range.

The fact that the BT Lifter LHM 230 comes with a 99-year functional guarantee on the fork frame is proof of the durability you can expect when purchasing pallet trucks from us. The BT Lifters have up to 12 greasing points for optimal lubrication. The lowering control featured in these units has stainless steel valves, adding to their reliability. True to our brand, all BT pallet trucks are manufactured to ensure optimal performance. Strict quality-control measures are in place to ensure their manufacturing consistency.

BT Tyro LHE 150

The LHE 150, also available in South Africa, is a compact, light, electric pallet truck with a capacity of 1500 kg. If you are in the market for an entry-level model that is as flexible as a hand pallet truck, but with the features of a powered unit, this energy-efficient machine is the perfect choice. The unit comes with an electromagnetic brake system and polyurethane tyres. The pedestrian/stand unit features lithium-ion technology, which is also the secret to its low energy usage and long operating time. The long-life battery is maintenance-free and charges quickly.

As such, even with only one or two units in your warehouse, work doesn’t have to come to a standstill because of long charge times. Their ergonomic design makes them exceptionally comfortable for the operator, while moving around are effortless because of the tiller arm that enables operation while in the vertical position. To prevent unauthorised usage, the unit is fitted with a PIN access-control system. The LHE 150’s compact design, steering, and energy-efficiency features make it one of the best entry-level pallet trucks for warehouses and chain stores where quick and safe movement between the aisles is essential.

BT Staxio W-series HWE 100 and HWE 100S

The pallet stacker trucks in this series are electrically powered pedestrian units. Companies in South Africa wanting to reduce their energy usage without compromising on lifting capacity and material-handling abilities will appreciate these units. They come with maintenance-free, long-life lithium-ion batteries. As with the LHE 150, the batteries charge quickly. Also compact in design, these pedestrian stacker units are designed for easy steering and operator comfort to minimise the risk of premature fatigue. The effortless steering helps to increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents. The units also come with built-in chargers.

BT Levio R LRE 300 and LRE 300T

When it comes to sit-on low-lift pallet trucks, the BT Levio R series consisting of the LRE 300 and LRE 300T models is another example of the engineering mastery you can expect when buying material-handling equipment from our brand. The units in this series have load-handling capacities of 3000 kg. Twin drive wheels, automatic deceleration, driver-detection systems, comfortable and adjustable seating, and adjustable steering are just a few of their features.

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