Reaching for the top shelf

In an industry where space is a luxury, warehouse operators are always on the lookout for innovative equipment solutions that can exceed conventional lifting parameters while ensuring freedom of movement in, often, confined aisles.

According to Shannon Igesund, Area Sales Consultant at Toyota Industrial Equipment, this is where BT’s Reflex O-Series electric forklift reach trucks thrive. “As a subsidiary of Toyota Industrial Equipment, BT has long since cemented its reputation for excellence in productivity, innovation and performance.”

The 1.6-ton O-Series Reflex reach truck is designed to lift from 5.4m to 7.5m. It is equipped with super-elastic tyres as opposed to the conventional polyurethane tyres seen on the majority of reach trucks, allowing the truck to operate effortlessly outdoors.

“This is particularly relevant given that many warehouse operators in South Africa do not own the premises they operate in and don’t have control over the state or maintenance of their floors,” explains Igesund. “Often, joins in the flooring begin to separate owing either to lack of maintenance or damages incurred, often leading to the smaller polyurethane wheels of conventional reach trucks getting stuck in the separated join. While some warehouse operators have sought to rectify this problem by purchasing articulated trucks that feature solid wheels as standard equipment, this comes at a significant additional expense.”

Offering a high ground clearance and Transitional Lift Control (TLC), the truck features easy-to-use and familiar controls such as a car pedal layout and an automatic parking brake. It sets the standard in vertical performance, where its slim mast profile with central lift cylinder, the position of the hoses, and the open fork carriage and integrated side shift all contribute to a clear view of the load, greatly improving safety and overall productivity.

The BT Reflex reach truck offers warehouse operators the versatility that comes with the ability to operate both indoors and outdoors, featuring a fully enclosed cabin with windows, wipers and even a heated seat for colder climates. This counters the need to purchase multiple trucks specifically for indoor and outdoor use, significantly reducing expenditures and additional maintenance costs.

The valued client added how the BT reach truck met the company’s warehouse demands. For them, it also provided impeccable sturdiness when lifting stock, exceptional manoeuvrability and durability, coupled with the added bonus of the super-elastic tyres that allow us to use the reach truck both in and out of the warehouse.