Forklifts have evolved over the years. Numerous features including safety features are now standard on modern forklifts with the goal of safeguarding forklift operators, bystanders, the environment, and operational performance.

In this article, we’ve outlined the typical characteristics of modern forklifts and explained how our Toyota Forklift’s 8FBE series has been improved and is now the leading and safest electric forklift on the market.

Common Features of Modern Forklifts

Advanced safety features

Modern forklifts come with a range of safety features such as backup cameras, anti-tip systems, and sensors that detect obstacles and pedestrians. These have been incorporated into modern forklifts to enhance the safety of operations to operator, pedestrian and to prevent operational downtime and forklift accidents.

Ergonomic Design

Poor ergonomics cause discomfort for the forklift operator which can lead to fatigue, increased strain on the body and poor operational performance. Poor ergonomics increase the risk of forklift accidents. Modern forklifts are designed with operator comfort in mind, with features such as adjustable seats, ergonomic controls and air-conditions cabins to help prevent accidents and injuries.


Modern forklifts can adapt to a range of applications, with features such as interchangeable attachments and adjustable forks. This allows the forklift operator to perform a wide range of tasks with a single forklift, safely and efficiently.

Advanced control systems

Modern forklifts come with advanced control systems that allow for more precise and efficient operation, including features such as variable speed control and automatic braking. This helps the forklift operator to make precise movements with the forklift and to reduce the risk of accidents.


Many modern forklifts are equipped with telematics systems that allow for real-time and remote monitoring and reporting about the forklift’s location, condition and performance. This creates awareness for those in management, helping to identify potential issues, monitor forklift operator performance and behaviour, all of which help to improve the safety of the forklift and operations, and to prevent accidents from occurring.

How does the new Toyota Forklift 8 Series – 8FBE compare to modern forklifts?

Toyota Forklift’s 8FBE Series meets all the standards of modern forklifts and is equipped with multiple safety features ranging from hardware to software making it one of the safest forklifts on the market today.

The improved Toyota Forklift 8FBE, a 3-wheel electric forklift has improved safety features which include:

Toyota Forklift’s SEnS+ (Smart environment sensor plus technology)

The main objective of Toyota Forklift’s SEnS+ is to detect pedestrians by distinguishing them from objects and obstacles. The technology identifies pedestrians not only in the direction of the forklift’s truck movement, but senses pedestrians in a wide range given the fact that pedestrians move in unpredictable and unexpected ways.

The technology prioritises pedestrians in a wide range whereas with object detection priority is given primarily to direction of movement.

On detection, the system supports safe operations by notifying forklift driver and pedestrian using a 3-level warning buzzer and warning lamps, according to the distance to pedestrian and obstacles. Further advancement in the SEnS+ technology means that the system automatically controls the travelling speed according to the traveling speed, steering angle and detection target (pedestrian or object). It must be noted that Sens+ is not the system of automatic braking to stop a moving forklift truck. As an Operator Assist System, when SEnS+ detects pedestrians or obstacles, and if needed, the system issues notifications and shuts down the power for gradual deceleration in order to encourage the operator to apply the brakes.

Smart Entry System – linked with Toyota I-Site Fleet Management System

Toyota Forklifts were the first to integrate telematics technology as a standard onto electric forklift. Toyota I-Site gives you access to the right information that ensures you have total control over your operations and fleet to act when necessary. The improved Toyota Forklift 8FBE requires forklift drivers to operate the forklift via secure login or biometric registration, thus ensuring that only registered drivers can operate the forklift at any given time.

Energy Saving & Efficient Forklifts

The improved Toyota 8FBE electric forklift considers the environments in which we operate and has been specifically designed to create value for your investment. The Toyota Forklift 8FBE series is optimized to reduce energy loss and heat generation. LED lights which are long-lasting and efficient with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours reduce your concerns about forklift warning lights prematurely failing at any given point in time. Additional energy-saving features include world-class lead acid and lithium ion forklift batteries to help you go green, operate for longer and avoid downtime.

These are only some of the new ground-breaking developments and features of the improved Toyota Forklift 8FBE series. If you’re in the market for the safest electric forklift for sale, the Toyota 8FBE is a value-producing investment.

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