Toyota Forklift Hire: Short to Long-term options for warehousing

Warehousing is a competitive industry; making the best use of resources is critical to a company’s profitability and success. When it comes to warehouse management profitability, the decision to buy or rent a warehouse forklift is frequently a deciding issue.

In this article we’ve set laid out what short and long-term rental options are available to help you identify which forklift leasing solution best meets your warehouse operational requirements; further we provide insights on some of your and our main responsibilities during the leasing period.

Toyota Forklift Leasing: Short-Term Option

Our customers choose a short-term forklift lease period with Toyota Forklift to cover seasonal demands and/or avoid downtime. A short-term rental period is defined as a period ranging from one hour to twelve months in which our equipment is rented.

Forklift Leasing: Long-term option:

Many of our customers choose a long-term forklift lease because of the numerous advantages it provides. These advantages include having a healthy capital and cash flow to invest in business growth opportunities because no upfront capital investment is required for industrial equipment; flexibility in terms of the commitment period and obligations; no unexpected costs when it comes to servicing and maintaining the equipment; and tax-deductible benefits, among others.

Toyota forklift rental for the long-term covers a period ranging from twelve months up to seven years. The long-term rental charge covers the rental of the equipment piece through to servicing (minor, major and lubrication) and equipment maintenance.

Toyota Forklift’s and yours responsibilities under the short and long-term rental options

Our commitment and responsibility to you for the servicing and maintenance of the equipment are the fundamental differences between our short and long-term forklift leasing options.

Our responsibilities to you under the short-term forklift lease

Toyota Forklift handles the forklift’s servicing and preventative maintenance in accordance with the OEM’s lubrication chart and instruction manual, and we only cover the cost of repairs resulting from normal wear and tear. We provide technical support as soon as possible in the event of any critical breakdowns or repairs; and depending on the severity of the urgent breakdown, we may even provide replacement equipment for your usage.

Your responsibilities under the short-term forklift lease

Your primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, treating our equipment with care as if it were your own. This includes only permitting operators with the required skills and a valid forklift driver’s license to use the forklift, as well as only operating the forklift within its rated lifting capacity. You’re also responsible for performing daily routine checks to verify the equipment’s daily preventative maintenance while it’s in use.

Under our short-term forklift lease contract, you are responsible for any repairs required to the equipment (including attachments) as a result of abuse, misuse, negligence and/or accidents, as well as insurance, cost of delivery of equipment to your premises. Cost of fuel and forklift driver training for the operation of the forklift falls within your responsibilities too.

Our responsibilities to you under the long-term forklift lease

Our long-term forklift lease agreements provide you with the flexibility you need to meet your warehouse operational demands and business needs. This could include the flexibility around the contractual period, access to additional material handling equipment and services under the lease agreement to price negotiations dependent upon who is required to carry the responsibilities for certain obligations.

Toyota Forklift remains responsible for preventative maintenance, which includes minor, major, and lubrication services as set out by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Your responsibilities under a long-term rental contract

Your responsibilities are the same as those listed above under your responsibilities under the short-term rental agreement, but you are also responsible for the repair or replacement of tyres, forks, batteries and charges, strobe lights, load backrest, and reverse buzzers unless Toyota Forklift has agreed to take on these responsibilities on your behalf. Your responsibility includes operating the forklift with a valid load test certificate in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Toyota Forklift Rental: How to apply for a rental contract?

To hire a Toyota forklift, your warehouse must first apply for an account with Toyota Industrial Equipment. Following that, a credit application process is followed to assess your company’s financial health and determine its credit history and rating. A site examination is done to identify the forklift’s application and usage.

Toyota Forklift Hire: Fleet options

We offer a wide range of new and used Toyota forklifts for hire, suitable for your unique warehouse needs. Our options include internal combustion forklifts (powered by petrol and diesel) to 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklifts.