Toyota Pallet Stackers & Reach Trucks

Introduction to Our Range of Toyota Pallet Stackers & Reach Trucks

Toyota’s pallet stackers & reach trucks are widely used in warehouse operations because the vehicles are robust in design, compact, easy-to-steer, and durable. With the Toyota brand a trusted name in vehicle manufacturing, clients have confidence in the brand’s machines, including the stackers & reach trucks.

Here, we briefly discuss some of the Toyota stackers & reach trucks, giving you an indication of the quality, functionality, and durability that you can expect when buying warehouse equipment from the Toyota brand in South Africa.

Toyota Pallet Stackers

The machines have been designed to minimise the stacking effort and enhance productivity in the warehouse environment. We briefly discuss some of the stackers available below:

HWE 100/100S

The smallest in the range with a 1000 kg capacity, the BT units are best-suited for light-duty applications. These machines are characterised by their compact designs, lightweight frames, easy manoeuvring, and maintenance-free batteries. The batteries come with built-in chargers.


With a load capacity of 1200 kg, the machines in the Toyota BT Staxio XR(D) series are exceptionally versatile. These machines have compact designs, characteristic of stackers. However, they also boast the flexibility of reach trucks and come with retractable masts. The machines can handle a wide variety of pallets. Made for space saving while also improving efficiency in the warehouse, the machines are perfect for heavier duty operations.

OSE 120 CB

If you want a first level order picking unit, then consider this model with its ability to stack up to 4,15 metres. It comes with a 1200 kg capacity. It is a versatile machine, perfect for handling closed pallets.

SWE 120S-140S

With a load capacity of 1200 to 1400 kg, the machines are well-suited for operations where you do not need a forklift but need to lift a load above the second-tier rack. It is a straddle stacker that boasts exceptional durability and performance. We offer it as a walk behind or ride on unit.

Toyota Reach Trucks

As the name suggests, these machines are made for reaching the higher-level shelves in warehouses. Some of the units in the range are introduced below.

RRE 120-160B

With the load capacity of 1200 to 1600 kg, the units in the B-model range are the smallest in the Toyota range of reach trucks. Easy to steer and highly efficient, the machines offer exceptional driver comfort and safe operational spaces. Built to include adjustable floor height, seating, and controls, these machines are truly comfortable. With such comfort, premature driver fatigue can be avoided. The controls can be operated with the fingertip levers, giving the operator maximum control with minimal effort.

RRE 140-160M

The Toyota reach trucks in the M-series are designed for load capacity of 1400-1600 kg. The machines have narrow chassis, making it possible to move in constrictive spaces. The 360° steering ability provides for easy turning. This makes it possible to use the machines for block stack operations in addition to drive-in-rack tasks in small spaces. These machines have superb overall visibility.

The low step-in height improves the safety and convenience profile of the machines. These Toyota reach trucks are designed for operation also in cold store environments as the units can operate in areas where temperatures can be as low as -35°C.

7000 Series

The reach and deep reach trucks in this series have load capacity ratings for 1600 to 2000 kg. Operator comfort is ensured with an exclusive ACR System that includes AC technology and advanced ergonomics. With such in place, performance is enhanced, operation is smooth and maintenance needs are low. Several operator positions are available in addition to the many control and mast options.

Many other units are available including the RRE 160HR for outdoor and the FRE270 Four Way units.

View our range of Toyota stackers here & reach trucks here. You can also download the brochures for more information about each of the machines. Get in touch for pricing information.