• Toyota Forklift Truck 8FBE Series

Helping our customers achieve safety in the workplace is one of our top priorities here at Toyota Material Handling, which is why our new improved Forklift Trucks speak to this.

With the constant movement of people, machines and goods within warehouses where space is tight and visibility may be poor, this creates the potential for a hazardous environment. Keeping a high standard of safety features and policies is thus a critical component for the successful operation of any business.

Upgraded and improved Toyota Forklift Trucks

Our constant commitment to innovation ensures that the Toyota 8FBE series includes improved safety features, enhanced performance, optimized efficiency and productivity-boosting agility. The new and improved Toyota 8FBE series is a multi-talented electric-powered forklift with a compact body, outstanding performance, excellent stability and operability in narrow aisles and workspaces.

Main Specifications

Toyota Forklift Electric forklift model

Battery and Motor Specification

Toyota Forklift electric forklift battery and motor specifications

Productivity & Ecology

The improved Toyota Material Handling 8FBE series motor and motor drivers are exclusively designed to minimize energy loss and prolong operating hours resulting in the 8FBE15 model having the best-in-class operating time of up to 8 hours and 47 minutes. This long operation time and improved productivity can be attributed to 3 key features:

  • The Regenerative System allows energy to be recovered in the battery during accelerator release, braking and switchback.
  • The Auto Power-off Function is an energy-saving feature that automatically switches off the power after the operator leaves the forklift for a certain period of time.

The Key-off Light-off function is another energy-saving feature that automatically turns off the light when activated to avoid unnecessary electric power consumption.

Support for Safe Operations

The improved 8FBE Series includes standard safety features such as OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) and SAS-E (System of Active Stability).

To find out more about the Toyota 8FBE Series’ enhanced safety features read our safety review here: Safety at your fingertips: Review of the new Toyota FBE Series.

Operability & Comfort

With its operator-friendly features, the Toyota Forklift 8FBE series provides advanced operability, maneuverability, and comfort. The improved Colourful Multifunction Display provides easy truck management and improved visibility in an ergonomic manner. The 8FBE now offers improved safety and efficiency options:

  • The Smart Entry System (optional) allows for biometric registration of truck operators ensuring only registered drivers can operate the truck.
  • The Fork Vibration Damper (optional) which absorbs fork vibrations over a wide range of load weight when traveling over uneven ground.
  • The Slope Sensing Auto Power Mode Selector (optional) which detects the angle of the slope and automatically switches the driving performance to high power to keep the truck performance at optimal level.
  • The SENS+ (Smart Environment Sensor plus technology) feature comes with pedestrian and object detection that aids in the prevention of any collision in your work area.

Reliability & Durability

The improved 8FBE Series is built for use in various material handling operations in demanding conditions. Its robust body design reduces the risk of collision while the new LED lights can be used on the rear combination lights and are an option for headlights and front combination lights to improve visibility. The heat-insulating and light-absorbing resin roof along with the high water-resistant body makes the truck durable and comfortable for outdoor operations.