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There is a growing market for material handling solutions in a variety of industries making it a versatile logistics discipline. As such material handling is an essential component of warehousing and manufacturing logistics as they handle and store bulk goods and materials. Warehouse and distribution managers thus have an onus to understand how to best move, control, protect and store their materials and goods which is a material handling concern.

Our wide range of equipment for warehouses, such as Toyota forklifts, stackers, order pickers, pallet trucks, reach trucks and very narrow aisle forklifts available; as well as quality after-market services available aims to provide our customers with innovative quality warehouse equipment solutions to give your warehouse the best operational advantage. Toyota Forklift is recognised as a leading warehouse equipment supplier in South Africa.

What is material handling in warehousing?

Material handling is essentially the movement of a product or material from the manufacturing stage to the final distribution thereof; and as such material handling is at the centre of every warehouse’s operation. The safety and success of any warehouse are directly linked to how efficiently and timely materials and goods are transported within the supply chain process to ultimately ensure customer satisfaction.

Toyota Forklifts’ material handling equipment and their applications

Toyota Material Handling, also known as Toyota Forklifts, are market-leading warehouse equipment suppliers distributing a variety of material handling equipment including Counterbalance trucks, Steer loaders, and other warehousing material handling equipment. Toyota Forklifts provides quality new and used forklift hire and/or sale to suit your warehouse’s operational needs and demands. Our warehousing material handling equipment is segmented in 6 main categories:

Pallet trucks

Pallet truck applications include loading and unloading trucks, transferring goods and materials over short distances, and as auxiliary equipment for picking operations and intake areas. Pallet trucks can either be manual, controlled by an operator who is on foot.

Learn more about our range of Toyota’s pallet trucks for sale here.


Stacking warehouse equipment specialises in lifting and moving pallets of goods and materials. Manual and powered stackers are available in the market however Toyota Forklifts only distributes powered stackers. Toyota stackers range from the HWE 100/100S series which are lightweight compact stackers built for easy manoeuvrability and have a lift capacity of 1 ton. The OSE 120 CB series which have a 1.2-ton capacity and lifting height of 4.15 meters for performance-driven heavy-duty warehouse lifting.

Browse our full Toyota stackers collection here.

Order Pickers

Toyota order pickers are designed to solve high-reaching warehouse needs while providing easy manoeuvrability and optimal operational efficiency and safety. These electric order pickers are cost-effective, high-performing equipment for any warehouse environment.

Browse our full range of order pickers here.

Reach Trucks

Reach Stackers offer a wide variety of operational utilities both in terms of lift and reach opening the possibilities of application. Toyota Forklift supplies reach stackers ranging from high-efficiency lightweight precision stackers such as the RRE 120-160B range to high performance, innovative and powerful reach stacker series for example the 7000 Series.