• reconditioned Toyota forklifts

Reconditioning your forklifts provides a cost-saving solution to the supply chain and logistic economic challenges. Toyota Forklift provides refurbished forklift solutions to help your company save money and survive these challenging economic times.

What to expect when reconditioning your warehouse forklifts

Why refurbish your Forklift with Toyota Industrial Equipment?

Reconditioning your forklift at Toyota Industrial Equipment allows you to restore your forklift’s performance and extend its lifespan by up to 2 years depending on what type reconditioning you choose from the menu. This results in significant cost savings as opposed to buying a new replacement forklift and increases the resale value of the forklift. Depending on your business structure the reconditioning of your forklift can be capitalised and released as accounting and tax benefits.

The benefits of reconditioning your forklift aren’t only financial. The performance of your forklift is significantly improved when reconditioned by a professional service provider. The downtime is reduced, and the safety of operation is also improved and most definitely when you as the customer is waiting for your new machine from the OEM which may take some time.

What to expect during the refurbishing process?

Forklift Internal components

Toyota Forklift will reassemble and replace your forklift’s components during the overhauling and repairing process. Our expertise includes:

  • Differential
  • Lift cylinders seals, hydraulic pump
  • Mast bearings
  • Carriage bearings
  • Load backrest builds.
  • Drive and pump motor bearings
  • Mast electrical cables
  • Drive and load wheel bonding

Forklift External Components

The forklift’s external components will also be refurbished, including applying a fresh coat of paint to improve your forklift’s appearance. The forklift is also thoroughly steam cleaned, inside and out.

Certification and authorisation

To ensure the forklift is thoroughly overhauled and repaired the forklift is evaluated by a qualified technician before and after the refurbishing process to ensure the best quality. The forklift is examined by a fully accredited LMI inspector and given a certificate confirming successful completion of the exam. Then finally quality insurance given with pre-delivery inspection making sure the machine is delivered as per OEM standards in perfect condition.

The Full Process

  1. Your forklift is steam cleaned
  2. A qualified technician then performs a full evaluation of the forklift and its components
  3. All the internal and external components are removed, replaced and repaired paying special attention to the critical components noted during the evaluation.
  4. Preventative maintenance is performed to ensure all perishable parts are up to date. This includes:
    1. Filter replacements
    2. Fluid changes
  5. The forklift is then sanded and given a body fill if needed before repainting.
  6. Finally, the forklift is examined and certified by an accredited inspector.