Lifting & Handling Equipment
Lifting & Handling Equipment

Lifting & Handling Equipment

UniCape Lifting & Handling Equipment

Welcome to UniCape's Lifting & Handling Equipment page, where innovation meets precision on the high seas. We understand that maritime operations demand unwavering control, efficiency and reliability and that's exactly what our cutting-edge solutions offer. From A-Frames that redefine precision lifting to Stern Rollers ensuring the smooth transfer of cargo and Cargo Securing Systems that protect your valuable shipments, UniCape is your trusted partner for maritime excellence.​


UniCape's A-Frames are purpose-built mechanical structures designed for precision lifting in marine and offshore operations. These robust and versatile systems are engineered to handle heavy loads with ease, offering exceptional control and stability in challenging maritime environments. Whether you're involved in subsea construction, vessel deployment or any operation requiring precise lifting, our A-Frames are tailored to meet your specific requirements and designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your maritime endeavours.​

​Stern Rollers

UniCape Stern Rollers play a crucial role in the smooth transfer of cargo, regardless of size or weight, between vessels or onto offshore platforms. These specialised systems are engineered for stability and support, facilitating the safe and efficient movement of cargo in the often unpredictable maritime environment. Whether you're engaged in offshore logistics, heavy cargo handling or towing operations, our Stern Rollers are built to withstand the challenges of the sea and ensure the seamless transfer of your valuable assets.

Cargo Securing Systems

UniCape's Cargo Securing Systems are designed to safeguard your cargo during transit, whether you're navigating open waters or operating in demanding offshore conditions. These purpose-built systems provide comprehensive cargo protection, ensuring your shipments arrive intact and undamaged. We understand that the safety of your cargo is paramount and our Cargo Securing Systems are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your maritime operations, providing peace of mind in even the most challenging circumstances.​

Combined A-Frames and Stern Rollers

UniCape's Combined A-Frames and Stern Rollers bring together the lifting power of A-Frames with the stability and cargo transfer capabilities of Stern Rollers. These integrated systems offer a versatile solution for a wide range of maritime lifting and cargo transfer needs. Whether you're faced with complex offshore projects or multifaceted logistics, our Combined A-Frames and Stern Rollers provide the efficiency, precision and reliability required for success on the open sea.

Container & Pallet Handling Systems

UniCape's Container & Pallet Handling Systems are engineered to streamline cargo handling operations, reducing manual labour and enhancing efficiency. These purpose-built systems simplify the loading and unloading of containers and pallets, making the process seamless and efficient. Whether you're managing containers on a vessel or a busy port, our Container and Pallet Handling Systems are designed to optimise your operations and ensure the swift and safe movement of cargo.

Container Skidding Systems

UniCape's Container Skidding Systems offer precision mobility for containers, allowing for accurate positioning and movement in confined spaces. These specialised systems are ideal for scenarios where precise container handling is critical, such as offshore platform installations or vessel cargo organisation. Our Container Skidding Systems are engineered to provide the control and accuracy necessary to navigate complex maritime operations with ease. At UniCape, we understand that each maritime operation is unique and our Lifting & Handling Equipment is delivered according to your specific requirements and specifications. Our solutions are purpose-built for the demands of marine and offshore operations, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed in the challenging and dynamic maritime environment.

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