Welcome to the Specials Page of 600SA, a division of CFAO Equipment. These offerings are carefully crafted to provide you with exceptional value in our range of material handling equipment. Explore our Specials and uncover limited-time opportunities to acquire premium forklifts, warehousing solutions and more at advantageous prices.

Making Excellence Affordable

These deals are designed to empower your operations without compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellence extends to our Specials. You can now access high-performing equipment and solutions at prices that offer you exceptional value for your investment. 600SA is not just about equipment, it is about enhancing your operations with quality and innovation. Our Specials are a testament to this commitment.

Experience excellence at advantageous prices with 600SA's Specials. Dive into our Specials and seize the opportunity to elevate your material handling capabilities. Now is the perfect time to make an investment that pays dividends in operational efficiency.