Orakci ORV Waste Compactors

Refuse compactors designed to operate in the domestic waste collection sector throughout Africa

ORV-415 - Power and Efficiency for Large-Scale Waste Management

The ORV-415 is the epitome of power and efficiency when it comes to managing substantial waste volumes. This compactor is designed to seamlessly integrate with trucks equipped with power take-off (PTO), making it an ideal choice for industrial businesses dealing with large quantities of waste. Its impressive total capacity of 20.5m3 is divided into a body size of 19.0m3 and a hopper capacity of 1.5m3. This configuration ensures that you can efficiently compact and transport waste, all while adhering to eco-conscious waste disposal practices.


ORV-313 - Compact and Efficient Waste Handling for Large Outlets

The ORV-313 is tailored for businesses with moderate power take-off systems, offering a total capacity of 14.5m3. Its design strikes a balance between compactness and efficiency, making it an ideal fit for large outlets, facilities, warehouses, branches or plants that deal with substantial waste volumes. With a body size of 13.0m3 and a hopper capacity of 1.5m3, the ORV-313 ensures that waste management is streamlined. Its compact vehicle design, measuring 7503 mm in length, ensures that it can efficiently handle waste compacting and transport tasks while maintaining precision.


ORV-419 - The Powerhouse for Industrial Waste Management

The ORV-419 takes industrial waste management to the next level. Serving as the big brother to the ORV-313, it offers an increased overall body volume of 15 m³, making it the go-to choice for industrial businesses dealing with substantial waste quantities. The ORV-419 features a hopper volume of 2 m³ and an overall body inside dimension of 3270 x 2120 x 2160 mm. This robust design ensures that waste disposal is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. It meets the demands of large-scale operations and facilitates eco-conscious waste management. Each Orakci ORV Waste Compactor model is meticulously engineered to cater to specific waste management needs, ensuring efficient waste compacting and responsible waste transport. Whether it's the power and capacity of the ORV-415, the balance of compactness and efficiency of the ORV-313 or the industrial prowess of the ORV-419, Orakci's waste compactors are designed to meet your unique requirements while embracing eco-friendly waste disposal practices.


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