UniCape Marine

Supplier of Palfinger Marine and truck mounted cranes as well as Stab-a-Load high performance warehouse doors and dock levellers

DAVIT Systems

UniCape's DAVIT Systems are the unsung heroes of maritime safety and efficiency. These systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the secure launch and recovery of boats, life rafts and other critical equipment from your vessel. At UniCape, we understand that safety, precision and reliability are paramount in maritime operations, which is why our DAVIT Systems are meticulously engineered to meet and exceed these exacting standards. Streamline your launch and recovery processes with the utmost efficiency. Our DAVIT Systems are engineered for swift, controlled and hassle-free operations, saving you time and resources while increasing overall productivity. UniCape's commitment to maritime safety and efficiency extends to our DAVIT Systems, where each component is crafted with precision and tested rigorously.

Every vessel is unique and so are its DAVIT system requirements. UniCape offers a range of options that can be customised to match various vessel sizes, applications and operational demands. We work closely with you to ensure that your DAVIT system fits seamlessly into your maritime setup. We understand that these systems are more than just equipment; they are a critical part of your vessel's readiness for any situation. Discover the UniCape DAVIT Systems that best suit your vessel's unique needs and ensure smooth and secure maritime operations, even in the most challenging conditions. Safety and efficiency at sea start here with UniCape.


UniCape's Winches are the powerhouse of your maritime operations, providing the essential strength and control you need to navigate the waters effectively. These versatile tools play a vital role in numerous marine applications, from anchoring to towing and everything in between. When you choose UniCape Winches, you're choosing raw power, precision and durability—all critical factors for success on the open sea. Our Winches are engineered to deliver formidable power, making them suitable for a wide range of maritime tasks. Whether you're anchoring your vessel securely or towing a substantial load, our winches are up to the challenge. In the unpredictable world of maritime operations, control is paramount. UniCape Winches offer precise control, allowing you to manage your operations with ease and confidence. This precision ensures that your tasks are carried out efficiently and safely.

The marine environment is demanding, with saltwater, extreme weather and rough seas taking their toll on equipment. UniCape Winches are built to withstand these challenges. You can trust in their durability, ensuring they stand up to the rigours of daily use in harsh conditions. UniCape Winches are designed to serve a variety of maritime needs. Whether you're securing your vessel, handling cargo or engaging in specialised tasks, our winches provide the versatility required to adapt to your unique requirements.

Marine Cranes

UniCape's Marine Cranes are engineered to bring precision and efficiency to your maritime operations. Whether you're in offshore industries, shipping or marine logistics, our marine cranes are your trusted companions for seamless lifting and handling on the water.

Lifting & Handling Equipment

UniCape's Lifting & Handling Equipment offers versatile solutions for a wide range of maritime applications. From cargo handling to specialised tasks, our equipment ensures you're well-equipped to handle any challenge.

UniCape Truck Mounted Equipment

Welcome to UniCape's Truck Mounted Equipment page, where innovation meets euipment in the world of logistics and material handling. We understand that versatility and precision are paramount in the transportation industry. Our Truck Mounted Equipment is engineered to enhance your operations, offering Tail Lifts for effortless cargo handling, Hook Lifts & Skip Loaders for efficient waste management, Aerial Platforms for elevated access, Truck Mounted Forklifts for seamless unloading and Recycling & Timber Cranes for specialised material handling. Explore our range of solutions designed to meet your unique requirements and elevate your efficiency on the road.

Palfinger Tail Lifts

Uni-Cape Equipment stands as a prominent supplier and repairer of truck tailgates, offering a diverse range of Palfinger truck-mounted tail lifts. Our selection includes Column lifts, Cantilevers and Tuck Away tail lifts, all meticulously designed to suit various applications and fully customizable to seamlessly integrate with any truck and load body configuration. Our track record of successfully producing and promoting PALFINGER tail lifts spans over half a century, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Tail lifts represent an indispensable solution for simplifying the safe loading and unloading of trucks, embodying qualities such as cost efficiency, adaptability and an exceptional level of operational comfort for users. With a portfolio comprising over 40 products, PALFINGER tail lifts accommodate weight classes ranging from 500 kg to 4,000kg. Our expansive service network, offering blanket coverage, ensures that each and every customer receives unhindered access to optimal service and support.


Palfinger Hook Lifts & Skip Loaders

Unicape Equipment proudly offers a versatile range of hook lifts and skip loaders, boasting lifting capacities spanning from 5 to 30 tons. These robust solutions find their applications across diverse industrial sectors, including mining, construction, waste management and recycling. PALFINGER Hooklifts stands as the premier brand in mobile container handling equipment, designed to meet the unique demands of various applications worldwide over the past four decades.

Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety sets us apart in the movable container industry. We have achieved a leading global position by leveraging state-of-the-art industrial practices and rigorous quality control. The functional design of our Hookloader and Skiploader units prioritises ease of service and minimal maintenance, ensuring not only high-value retention but also optimised operational costs within a safe operating environment.


Palfinger Aerial Platforms

PALFINGER Platforms, renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality materials and precision engineering, represent the pinnacle of excellence in the market. When it comes to access platforms, PALFINGER is synonymous with unmatched quality, setting the industry standard. PALFINGER ACCESS PLATFORMS are the embodiment of cutting-edge height technology, delivering exceptional performance even in the face of the most challenging real-world tasks.

These platforms are designed to excel in the most demanding scenarios, where precision, reliability and efficiency are paramount. Whether it's accessing elevated work areas, performing intricate tasks or tackling tough jobs, PALFINGER ACCESS PLATFORMS rise to the occasion, consistently exceeding expectations. Crafted with a global perspective and an eye toward the future, PALFINGER Platforms are engineered to meet the needs of diverse markets around the world. They're not just designed for today's challenges but are future-proofed to adapt and thrive in evolving industrial landscapes. PALFINGER's commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that its platforms remain at the forefront of height technology, setting the standard for access solutions worldwide.


Palfinger Truck Mounted Forklifts

Mounted either on the rear of a carrier equipment or securely encased within a protective box nestled between the axles, PALFINGER's truck-mounted forklifts redefine the way you transport goods. These versatile forklifts travel right alongside you, seamlessly reaching your designated point of use and in doing so, they unlock unprecedented possibilities in transportation. With a PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift, you gain the invaluable advantage of complete independence. Gone are the days when additional unloading equipment was necessary. These forklifts are designed to offer not only safety and durability but also prioritise operator comfort and manoeuvrability.

PALFINGER's commitment to top-tier performance extends across various industries, ensuring excellence throughout the entire product lifecycle. Key sectors benefiting from PALFINGER's truck-mounted forklifts include transport and beverage logistics, recycling, building materials, technical and medical gases, agriculture and the live events sector. Whatever your industry, PALFINGER empowers you with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and convenience, ensuring your operations run smoothly from start to finish.​


Epsilon Recycling & Timber Cranes

EPSILON recycling and timber cranes adhere meticulously to the stringent requirements outlined in the European machinery directive. This directive sets comprehensive standards for loaders, encompassing every facet from design and calculation to installation and final handover to the customer. One of the cornerstones of our safety measures lies in overload protection and load-holding valves. These cranes are equipped with both electronic and mechanical safeguards, ensuring that even in the event of hose bursts or rips, load-holding valves prevent any sudden deepening of the load.

To tackle uneven ground with finesse, stabilising cylinders, complemented by pendulum plates, level out surfaces with up to a 10º incline in each direction. In line with regulatory demands, we incorporate additional warning and safety devices while ensuring practical feedback mechanisms for operators. Our stabiliser control system, enhanced by limit switches, serves a dual purpose. It not only verifies the crane's transport position but also guarantees stability during operation, safeguarding both equipment and operators.


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