Whether you are expanding your business or adding to your specific services, you need to ensure that you know which forklift is most suitable for your business. 600SA, under the EIE Group, is the leading supplier of industrial equipment in Southern Africa. We have a wide range of heavy lifting equipment, including CT Power forklifts available for renting or purchasing. Before renting or buying a forklift, our top three recommendations are as follows:

  1. Consider the lift

When deciding on a forklift, it is essential to consider the right lift for the job you need to do. The lift refers to the amount of weight that you would need the forklift to carry at any given time. The weight safety for each forklift differs. You also have to consider height restrictions as well as a safety margin. Your operating team must look at what the forklift will need to carry and how high you would need it to lift.

  1. Will you use the forklift outdoors or indoors?

When choosing a CT Power forklift from 600SA, it is essential to know where you will be using it. Indoor electric forklifts generally are not an issue and are easy to manage. However, if you require your forklift to operate outside, there are a few aspects that you need to take into account. For example, you must ensure that your forklift has the correct forklift tyres for the conditions that it will be driving on – if the tyres are not suitable for the job, you will have to repair the forklift continuously, which is an added expense. If your business has stairs, you may need to build a ramp so the forklift operators can have easy access while moving around the premises.

  1. Electric, gas or diesel forklifts?

Remember that each forklift type has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh up all of these when choosing the best forklift for the job. Electric forklifts are cheaper to run than other forklifts types. They are also ideal for warehouse lifting because of their compact size.

If you decided to go with a diesel forklift, these are sturdier and tend to work well outdoors in tougher conditions. On the other hand, gas forklifts produce minimal pollution and can load similar amounts when compared to diesel forklifts.

Keep in mind that different forklift specifications need to match the facility where they will be used. There are various forklift options to choose from for your business. Even though this might seem like a daunting task, experienced material handling professionals at 600SA, and within our group company EIE Group will gladly help you select the right forklift for your operations.

We help you determine if your chosen forklift is suitable for your premises and your specific job requirements. Contact 600SA today and speak to us about the products and solutions that we have on offer. We offer a range of new forklifts for sale as well as second-hand forklifts for sale in South Africa.

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