What is the Difference Between an Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lift?

Both the articulating and telescopic boom lifts are aerial lifting equipment used in applications ranging from overhead electric cable repairs to surveying and repair works on buildings. To ensure worker safety when they work at height, it is imperative to use the right hoisting equipment. To this end, let us consider the main differences between two types.

Articulating Boom Lift

This type provides for an aerial work surface or platform, same as the telescopic type. However, the articulating type has numerous boom sections that articulate to make it possible for getting over obstacles to reach work areas. The articulating boom is often referred to as a type of knuckle boom. Some industry experts call it an up and over boom.

Due to its design of multiple sections, it is well-suited for use where the work area is difficult to reach or extremely confined. For exceptionally tight spots, you will want a narrow articulating boom lift. Also opt for this type where you need to get over obstacles. Though this type has less horizontal reach than the telescopic type, it is more versatile in reaching upwards and over obstacles to get the worker to the desired work area.

This type is also suited for indoor operations and for when having to move over rough terrain. Many of the units come with a jib, which is an extension that provides for an extra articulation point that enables the up and down movement of the work surface. The type has joints that can unfold in ways that make it possible to reach over obstacles.

It is imperative to choose the right articulating boom lift according to terrain and reach requirements. To this end, you can rely on our consultants to help you make an informed decision.

We are a proud supplier of the SINOBOOM articulating boom lifts available as diesel or electric models. With the manoeuvrability of these platform systems, workers can get around a variety of obstacles. The technology also makes it possible to work at various angles without having to reposition the system.

The operating range is extensive, and these systems are highly efficient with the large load capacities. These units are exceedingly safe and reliable. The lifts are widely used in plant installations and maintenance work. From warehouses to mines, harbours, farmers, and engineers make use of these lifts. The SINOBOOM range consists of the GTZZ15, GTZZ16EJ, GTZZ18J and the GTZZ25J units.

Telescopic Boom Lift

It is also an aerial work platform that has boom sections. Telescopic refers to the stick appearance and the ability to retract and extend as if it is a vehicle radio antenna instead of folding onto itself. It has better horizontal reach than other types of lift platforms. This type of platform can be used to reach difficult to access construction sites. The telescopic boom provides for outreach and height application possibilities.

The telescopic boom is well-suited for a work site where the surface terrain is rough and full of obstacles. With the usage of telescopic systems combined with four-wheel drive systems, it is possible to reach the specific work sites.

All the equipment available from our company meets high manufacturing, durability, quality, and material safety standards. We offer you an extensive range of lifting equipment to meet your application needs.

Although many more platform lifts are used across the world, the two main types are the telescopic and articulating boom systems. View our full range of equipment and get in touch for pricing information and help in choosing the type that is right for your application requirements.