Mobile Crane Solutions for Crane Trucks in South Africa

Crane trucks are regularly used industrial machinery in South Africa. These vehicles normally feature a loading area on the bed, along with a front- or rear-mounted lattice or knuckle boom. The size of this mounted boom is a concern, as it can increase the size and footprint of the vehicle if it juts out from it. However, if you utilise the brilliant design of a knuckle boom, this ceases to be a problem. When it comes to industrial lifting equipment, we have what you need for your trucks.

A variety of industries in South Africa is running a fleet of trucks. Whether it is for transporting laden pallets to a construction site or loading vehicles onto a flatbed for transportation, they all rely on mounted lifting equipment to get the job done. With construction-material pallets, the norm was to let a forklift do the loading, which simply takes too long. By utilising a mounted mobile crane, this process is sped up to save valuable time for your business. This concept can be applied to various other industries where secondary vehicles are required to load flatbeds or place containers on trucks.

The Power of The Knuckle Boom

Crane trucks used for construction commonly feature a lattice boom mounted on the vehicle. These booms comprise several sections to allow them to extend and retract as necessary. However, they operate on a linear plane, which limits their reach and functionality for the operator. A knuckle boom is different, as the boom looks and works similar to a human finger. The various sections are joined by mechanical “knuckles” to ensure that the boom has a way to extend and retract. Therefore, it is becoming more popular in South Africa to choose such a type of boom for its compactness and versatility.

 functionality and reach of the boom to deliver even more options for the operator. When such booms are mounted between the flatbeds and cabins of crane trucks, they can be used for loading and towing purposes. The shape of the boom also allows for deadlifting, which is ideal for heavy pallets and similar objects. Medium- to heavy-duty booms are normally mounted in this location, while light-duty booms can also be mounted on the rear of the flatbed.

If you are looking for a supplier of knuckle-boom cranes for your trucks in South Africa, we have you covered. We offer an extensive range from Fassi, as well as specialist ranges from Penz to ensure that you have a comprehensive selection for your fleet. Penz develops knuckle booms that are specifically designed for either recycling or forestry purposes. They can be a huge boon for transportation vehicles dealing with tree felling and loading and transporting recyclable materials.

Fassi knuckle-boom crane models are versatile and can be used in many different industries. They are available in three ranges, namely light-, medium-, and heavy-duty. Covering such a wide spectrum of loading capacities and sizes, it is easy to find the ideal candidate from these for your business. South Africa is already a very dynamic and ever-changing environment for a business and with quality industrial lifting equipment on your side, you can make life a little easier for your fleet operators.

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