CT Power Forklifts have been around for more than 30 years, despite being somewhat new and unknown in the South African market. With the current economic climate, many companies across various industries are forced to examine their material handling equipment needs to find and invest in equipment that strikes a balance between performance and investment costs.

Trusting a brand that is unfamiliar to you involves a leap of faith, which is why we’ve set out this forklift review below on the CT Power Forklift brand and what sets this brand and products apart from the competition and why the product range is worth serious consideration and investment.

Since 1968, 600SA has been involved in the importation, marketing, and distribution of a variety of high-quality industrial and material handling equipment. Our success in the business is based on our dedication to providing long-term customer value through high-quality goods and after-market services such as technical support, workshops, training, spare parts, and other related services.

CT Power Forklift Review & why we partnered with this Brand

We, at 600SA, have a brand promise to keep as proven market leaders in our industry. As a result, partnering with brands that share our values and vision is critical to maintaining and growing our position as a trusted brand and partner in the marketplace. This means delivering quality, affordable equipment, and support services to our customers that help them achieve operational efficiency, safety, and less downtime, among other things. One of the main reasons we’ve partnered with CT Power is because of this. Other reasons include:

Manufacturing quality & strengths

Global Power Co. Ltd, a member of the Toyota Industries Group, manufactures the CT Power brand of material handling equipment products in China. The brand relies heavily on its development strengths and its commitment to innovation. Its ambition to be recognised as a global industry leader has seen CT Power make progressive strides within the industry, growing from strength to strength, attaining both CE and ISO 9001 certifications and producing more than 25,000 units annually.

CT Power is a brand that puts its customers first. Listening to feedback, ideas, concerns, and challenges, and using these insights to adapt and innovate through engineering and technology to produce dependable, and affordable diesel and electric forklifts that are on par and in some cases superior to other leading global forklift brands.

The range of CT Power diesel and electric forklift portfolios offers superior innovation and performance with front dual drive motors, full hydraulic steering, advanced AC drive and fast lifting speeds with soft landing systems. Other material handling equipment within the CT Power range include reaching trucks, pallet trucks, stacker trucks and more.


CT Power Forklift aspires to produce dependable and practical forklifts with long-term value for customers. It is one of the few Chinese forklift brands that designs, patents, and manufactures its own forklift transmissions. Some significant innovation includes:

  • Forklift Review: Design

CT Power’s most recent innovation is a line of electric counterbalance forklifts with a streamlined, modern, and compact design that allows for greater handling to enhance operator and equipment safety and comfort.

Continuous innovation and upgrades over the years have produced a CT Power diesel forklift range that is robust, designed for higher capacity and stronger loading capabilities; a 20% increase in strength in the unibody frames achieves better handling across uneven surfaces and curvy paths, able to withstand long and rigorous transporting operations. Speak to our team about identifying which CT Power diesel forklift option would offer you the best price-performance ratio.

CT Power Forklifts are designed with your operator, operations and the environment in mind. Safety to greater performance delivery, and easier handling whilst remaining affordable and cost-effective to maintain.

  • Innovation that equates to lower customer operating costs

The early models of the CT Power Forklifts required minor servicing every 250 hours, a major service every 500 hours, and an extreme major service every 1000 hours / 12 months. Today, its diesel forklift models are competitive with major worldwide brands and require fewer maintenance cycles. Every 250 hours, minor services are required, and every 1000 hours / 12 months, a major service is required. This illustrates CT Power’s dedication to providing long-term customer value through lowering maintenance expenditures, resulting in lower operational costs for our customers.

  • Blue and red forklift safety lights are now a standard safety feature

Forklifts have blue spotlights and red side parameter lights to warn individuals of impending danger, oncoming vehicles, and/or danger zones. CT Power is the first brand in the industry to make both the blue and red safety lights a standard safety feature on its electric forklifts, allowing customers across all material handling industries to improve the safety of their workers and operations. Read the article here.

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As a subsidiary of CFAO Equipment SA, previously known as the EIE Group, 600SA is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective diesel and electric forklifts to help our customers address the challenges of a changing world. There is so much more that can be said within this brand and forklift review, therefore please contact us for more and learn how they may help your business.

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