Since waste compactor trucks were invented, they have revolutionised the sanitation industry by allowing the trucks to condense waste as they travel thus increasing the capacity and the efficiency of waste collection. South Africa produces more than 54.2 million tonnes* of general waste annually of which 38.6% is recycled*. The commercial and industrial waste produced forms 6.6% of this total of which only 10% is recycled*, thus the importance of waste compactor trucks is evident and concerns for sustainable waste disposal are understandable.

How do retailers and wholesalers dispose of their waste?

As local municipalities are not obligated to collect commercial or industrial waste and contracting them to do so would result in the incurred of service fees, most retail and wholesale managers opt to invest in their own waste management systems to reduce long-term costs. The retail and wholesale managers are therefore responsible for ensuring the management and safe disposal of their waste either through outsourcing to the local municipalities or private waste management enterprises and incurring services fees or implementing their own waste management initiatives to get their waste to the appropriate drop-off facilities.

Municipalities often charge service fees at drop-off facilities as an incentive to reduce waste in landfills. However, due to increased illegal dumping activities municipalities such as eThekwini and the City of Cape Town are looking to reduce or eliminate gate fees at drop-off facilities to reduce illegal dumping which could set a precedent for the future of private waste disposal.

How do waste compactor trucks work?

The waste management services involve collecting and moving waste of different shapes and sizes and transporting it to landfills and/or recycling stations. Waste compactor trucks are the preferred mode of transport as they allow for the collection and movement of larger volumes of waste. Waste compactors typically use hydraulically operated plates to compress waste which creates extra storage space.

A waste compactor truck generally requires two or three operators to maximise efficiency, a driver, and the collector(s). The collectors are responsible for loading the trash into the rear compartment, where it is compressed. When traveling short distances, the collectors ride on specially mounted side platforms with holding rails to ensure safe and stable short trips between collection points, however, for longer trips such as on highways and high-speed roads the collectors ride in the cabin with the driver.

Once at the waste treatment station or landfill the truck bed is tilted up using hydraulic lifts allowing for easy and efficient unloading of the truck. The compactor increases the capacity of the rear compartment reducing the number of trips required to collect and unload trash.

How can Oracki waste compactor trucks be of benefit?

In the South African climate waste compactor trucks require more than the amazing capacity to offer the best performance. Oracki, a global truck-mounted waste collection and special service equipment producer, has, via 600SA been supplying South African industrial and commercial businesses with their range of reliable Hydraulic Waste Compactors. The ORV waste compactor truck series is designed to be tough and provide safe and efficient performance in the South African context. With a corrosion-resistant steel body for reliable durability in the harshest climates. The ORV compactor series offers a total capacity ranging from 13,5 m3 to 29.5 m3 including the body size and hopper capacity. The Oracki ORV series offers the best waste management solution for your retailer and wholesaler waste disposal needs.

The Oracki ORV is suitable for businesses looking to build or improve their waste management equipment with a truck that carries higher volumes of waste thus reducing the number of trips to be made and thus improving productivity in other areas.

To find out more about how Oracki waste compactor trucks can help you sustainably dispose of your industrial and commercial waste, or to find out a range of waste compactor trucks for hire or sale in Gauteng, contact us at 600SA today.

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